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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tri training at last

Its finally happening, i have started swimming and it feels great.  I have been twice properly and once with Amanda at her fancy gym.  Didn't really do much swimming there, but it got my desire all souped up.  I swam 1000m on Tuesday and 1300m today.  I go to the leisure centre, the pool is standard 25m and fine, but the changing rooms are hellish. I bought a 10 swim ticket for £25 but after that i'm going to see if the fancy hotel up the road from work have a swim membership.  They have a lovely gym and pool open to outsiders so fingers crossed.

Our belongings have set off from America and are due to arrive nov/dec so i will then get my bike trainer out and start ramping up my endurance on that.  There are plenty of fabulous rides around here, but until its lighter, i think i'll stick to inside.  We have a conservatory so i am designating it to be a gym.

My plan is to go running this evening, but i haven't really had lunch yet bar 2 bananas and 3 rice crackers so that may be a bad move.  I did swim a ton, so that may have to do.  We'll see.

Hope to have Internet at home soon.  I'll be back.