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Monday, February 28, 2011

NaBloPoMo - March

Regarding my previous post, i'm still undecided, but in the mean time, i like NaBloPoMo's theme this month.

I signed up to National Blog Posting Month a few years ago (and still get the monthly email), and perhaps even once got through a few days of one.  I haven't tried since then.  The principal is you use their theme for the month and post every day relating to it.  I have never posted every day, but it has always been something i aspire to do, at least once.  Not a massive aspiration i know, very achievable you would think.  Well i'm going to give it a try.  It will take some planning at times, as i know i won't be able to get to a pc for a few of those days (hmmm, can i text in, i think so...).  I am also turning it in to International BloPoMo - Unsure why it would be National in the first place, given the nature of the internet *shrug*.

So tomorrow i will be posting for 31 days in succession.  Fingers crossed.  To keep with the theme, i really liked this site they recommended. Save the words. Perhaps i will use it everyday to grab a word and relate it to my training or life in general.  Same blog, with a little extra background theme.

Today though, a tapered long run. Thinking 8 miles.  My HM is on Sunday so don't want to over do it, but only got in 3.75 yesterday.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not so Lazy Sunday

Up too early this morning - 7am - due to falling asleep on the sofa at 10pm reading my new cycling magazine.  Still, it took me until 9:20 to get ready to go on my long run.  Jeff still not up either.

It was a cool morning but just right for tights, new running skirt (i have the preppy black and an aqua/green one - today was the aqua/greens premier run), a sleeveless then long sleeved cold weather top.  No rain predicted.  I used my Fuel belt with two bottle in it and a packet of chews.  I had my turn sheet to avoid any extra miles as this was already long enough.  12.2 miles mapped out.

Same as last week its mile 8 that i start feeling it in my calves.  But i kept a steady pace through out and managed to push it at the end again too.  I really like to finish strong and every run i do i pick up the pace at the end.  I'm really starting to get a good feel of what i can manage, how much i can push for how long.  It was about mile 9 that i started pushing harder.  This basically equates to me not becoming slower in the end, but that's just fine.  When i'm doing shorter distances i tend to up the pace for the second half and near the end really go for it, the last few minutes are often a sprint.

We just went to view a house and its lovely. I would put an offer in today!  We just need to find out if we could build a garage as unfortunately that is a must for his classic car.  I have a feeling we will miss out on this house because of that, so i'm not getting my hopes up.

Instead, i'm making more marmalade.  Today its light golden and thin shred.  The house smells delicious.

So, on to label designing.  And more house hunting on the net.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blissful Swimming and Golden Sticky Deliciousness.

Oh beautiful empty pool, how i love you.  I was shocked at the peace and quiet in there yesterday after work.  I got my side lane that i like, up against the wall.  I remembered every thing to swim - cozzy, pull-bouy, watch and drink - flipped my book open and it landed on a workout i was happy to try - sometimes i flick to get one that suits my mood. I hadn't swam in 2 weeks, the pool was closed for 5 days and it had been so busy i was hesitant to go back, i get annoyed at inconsiderate swimmers all doing breaststroke and not leaving a lane for fast folks.  I had also been concentrating on running for a bit, so i was totally expecting this swim to be harder.  I felt like i had been training for years. I had an amazing workout. I loved the swim set, it was interesting and fun. Just fab!

Warm up
200 crawl  4x25 concentrating on distance per stroke
Main set
200 @T + 5sec  30RI
100 @ T x3  15RI
Bonus 1min rest
12x50 odd easy even fast. 15RI
Repeat set once

I added in 150m of pullboy as i was feeling so damn gooood!
Cool down 225 crawl
Total = 2625m

A woman interrupted me to ask about my book.  It really is great.  A really decent amount of workouts, great practical size for the pool side (A6) and of course the waterproof nature because its pages are actually plastic. I never dry it off, just leave it in the bottom of my bag.

I have finally got labels for my Marmalade.  And i have a new addiction.  Not to eating it, but making it (and giving some away), well okay, i really like to eat it too - or what would be the point!  I already have more oranges and plan on buying more this weekend. I want more of the dark and chunky but also want to make some lighter thin shred too.

It is the most satisfying thing i have done in ages. 

At least as satisfying as the cushions i made a few weeks ago.

One large brown teadybear soft brown one, two Pringle, one yellow and a bolster.
 All in a weekends work :)
This weekend is house viewings!  Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recover on the Climb!

That's what she said, mid-way through the spin class after a sprint section.  No rest, just straight on our feet climbing - supposedly recovering!  She was tough on us.  And to end was two sprints in a row as the ipod jumped so we missed the long slow climb.  Not that would be any easier to end a session with, but come on, 2 successive sprints, Bitch!

There was one guy in front of me and he was hot.  Not eye candy hot, just hot.  I opened a window about 20 minutes in, as did the instructor and this guy was steaming. I thought it would last a few seconds or so, but it was constant. It was crazy to see.  Everyone was sweating, but he was literally steaming, not just a little but like a power station.  True physics in action.

In review of last weeks training, i love this graph:

I accidentally ran every day.  It wasn't intentional, just happened.  Tuesday and Thursday were bricks, Wednesday was an easy TM run, testing out the knee, Friday was just a quick run, Saturday fartleks and Sunday my long run.

I rested yesterday.  And didn't run tonight.

Tomorrow though, back on that mill :)

You too could win, but i want to!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Splits

Really happy with these splits.  The mile 5 and 7 had decent up hill sections and i picked it up in the last couple of miles.  Mile 8 was when i started to feel fatigue and lactic acid build up.  Over all, a pleasing run considering it rained the whole way.
Making marmalade. This is day one.  Poach fruit, boil pulp, squeeze out pectin and chop rind.
Day two is today, dissolve sugar, simmer until it will set - about 3 hours, jar.
Tomorrow, eat!!

There are many things i love about running, but up at the top of the list has to be cute
running skirts and new shoes.  I bought this skirt with the $75 gift card i won on Dailymile
(spare change for a sale 2nd skirt on sale too).
The weather was so lovely i wore it with no running tights.  Great day.

Curious about what this would say about my run yesterday. I did my usual route but in Fartleks. It ended up with an average pace of 8:10.  I'm doing a half marathon in 3 weeks, but i hardly think i will do a sub 2 hours. But, i wont be properly trained either.  This does state that my 10k time is actually over my personal best though. This makes me want to run a 5K to see how i would actually do.

Would you believe me if i told you i didn't realise how dirty my trainers were?
 I had no idea until i got my new ones.  They are a little white aren't they?!
As an Orthotist i find this very interesting (i look at the wear patterns of all my patients shoes), but even just a runner, its nice to be able to see what kind of runner you are.  These clearly show that i a a mid-foot runner.  There is basically no ware on the heels. The red arrows are to show that these areas are not worn, they just didn't have the blue on them. There is about 2mm of tread missing from these sections. I do love these shoes, i was properly fitted for them, but that was before i knew what kind of runner i was.  Though i have just repeated them (almost - new one are Cumulus 12 the old were 11's) but for my next shoe purchase i will investigate if there is a better shoe to provide mid-foot cushioning.  Until then, i need to dirty up my new ones so you can't see me in the dark!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gone Mad!!!

I have gone a tad crazy with the old credit card and signed up for not one, not two but three races tonight!!

First off, the 1500m sea swim in Llandudno.  This is held on June 18th and is the same sea swim to the standard distance Sea Triathlon i also signed up for.  I am crazy.  At least that is the general consensus of opinion on facebook right now.  I'm inclined to agree.

Not entirely sure as to why i choose to do a sea swim Tri for my first standard distance, but the fact i get to practice the swim made it seem less crazy.  That and its not too far away and just the right time of year i guess.

But before then, i am doing the Pwllheli Sprint which is a 400m pool swim, 20k bike and 5k run. That's on March 27th.  Then on May 22nd I am doing the Cheshire Sprint.  Also a pool swim, but 500m then 20k bike and 5k run.  For this i have company, Katy is joining me and we may have a friend from London come up to support us, which would be superb.

So it really just seemed like the natural progression to do the next distance event.  What can i say. I need races to motivate me.  I now have races to do that.  My god do i have races planned.  I also have the Ellesmere half marathon in 4 weeks, and my knee is still bothering me a bit.  There is also a little 10k trail run on April 10th which i may do.

I haven't signed up for the Lichfield HM on May 1st.  I'm gonna wait to see how things go.  There are plenty of HMs i could do if i'm so desperate to do one.  I really want to get a sub 2hr, but my focus has just shifted. I'm sure you get why!

So right now, i am shitting bricks!! I know if i train hard, i can complete them all.  And hopefully even compete in them too, as opposed to just finishing.  Bring it on!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Did 30 boring tiresome frustrating minutes on the elliptical then started browsing cardio machines. They used to have one that simulates running, with no impact but it appears to have been removed.  I'd been craving that machine from 5 minutes in on the elliptical.  So i was kinda at a loss of what to do. I got on the stair stepper, and didn't even get to the quick start, then got on the gliding one. Managed 3.44 of that before i got off. Then i noticed folks going in to the spinning room and dashed downstairs to see if there were any spaces left. Yippee! yes there were.  I had time to choose a bike and get my arm weights done and a 5 minute warm up before class.  Really glad it was on as i expect i would have wandered around getting frustrated i couldn't fun and then, well hopefully gone for a swim.  But spin class is DISCO SPIN on a Friday night so was a little different and super busy.  So, i think i am just going to go to every spin class they hold next week!

2.  On Wednesday i left my earrings on the treadmill.  And can you believe it, someone nicked them!  Really, like, you want someone's earrings? Really?  They weren't anything special, little oblong hoops with tiny acorns, all patina'd silver, pretty cheap thank god, but i liked them a lot.  They were the second thing i have left at the gym and its not been handed in.  So from now on, i am taking off all my jewellery before i leave the house. Especially my watch. I always put it in my locker, but what if one day i forgot to lock that, it would be just my luck the opportunistic thieves that are at my gym would half inch it!

3. My husband is bribing me with my new shoes.  I'll let you use your imagination what he wants for them ;)

4. I have been convinced in to running a HM in March.  Its just up the road in Ellesmere, only £11 and why the hell not eh?  Well, under trained and a knee issue, but lets forget that.  Its on rolling hills, so i know i won't get a sub 2 hour. In fact i will be lucky to get close to my 2:10:44 for my last one.  That was all flat.  But it will be fun.  Leanne is running it, a girl from work, and i'd imagine that we will be about the same pace.  She did her first HM the same day i did mine, hers in England though and got a 2:05:??.  She hasn't been training that much for it so i think we will probably run it together.  That will be a very new experience for me. I'm not used to running with anyone at all.  In fact, i have only ever been on one run with someone, that was my bro about 6 months ago.

5. My BIB for the Virtual 10k I am doing on March 8th.  2 days after my HM in fact. I guess it will be my recovery run on the treadmill then.

Have a great weekend.  I'm making marmalade and friends are visiting on Sunday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I will admit to being a total gadget freak and also a spreadsheet and graph addict when it comes to exercise.  If i couldn't track my workouts down to the minute, second, calorie and stroke, i wouldn't be half as motivated.  Not sure what it is that makes it so important, but it is, and i'll take anything to make working out easier.  If you recall, i started this blog to help with motivation, to keep me focused.

I have all the gadgets: a Garmin Forerunner 305 - wouldn't dream of running without it, a Poolmate swim watch - how did i manage to count laps before?; a odometer on my bike and a dailymile account - one of 2 digital forms i log in to, the other being on my ipod touch in a running log app.   So i can easily track what i am doing, though both have negatives.

So i decided to start a simple spread sheet.  I do love Google Docs and i have a ton of spreadsheets for all sorts of stuff on GDocs.  GF muffin recipe trials; expenses; LadyCorpus inventory (which is my label for bags i make and sell). and training plans of past.  As you can see below, its pretty simple but easily gives me monthly totals and clearly shows my rest days. I'm not so happy with this part.  I can see now that i am not working quite as hard as i would like.  My ipod app has a rest day on the calender but its been out of action for a month now: the battery is so dead it wont charge, so i haven't noticed my streak of rest days this month.

When i do work out , i work out hard, but i need to be more frequent.  February, i will make it so.

I'd definitely like to be getting higher running mileage than that, but currently i'm getting some knee pain and couldn't run on Wednesday. I did the elliptical instead and had no problems.  My colleague physio who is an avid runner immediately asked how old my shoes were.  Well, yeah, they are 500-600 miles old, over a year, they are my first pair i bought a year ago.  So i have some new ones on order - Hubby is bringing them from the States so until then, i will be doing less running and nothing for a week i think, well, at least 4 more days, then i may just have to try!

 But for sure, definitely LESS rest days in February!!

Fridge Magnet

Not necessarily wanting an 'area' with my running/racing bibs or medals hung, i kept moving them around especially since moving house.  Finding the Chicago HM medal, stuffed in a draw but thinking that its such a nice looking medal, frustrated me once again. Then POOF! a light bulb went on.  I can turn it in to a fridge magnet.  Where it can then sit, so i see it every day, yet it's discrete and not in your face.  Perfect.

I don't imagine i will put all my medals up there, but the cool looking ones or important ones. Right now, just this one.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


That is how many calories i (supposedly) burnt off tonight.  I think i made up for last nights laziness. I did the hour spin class (880cal) then 15 minutes of running 9:14 pace 2.61K (193cal) then 15 minutes of hill intervals 2.61k at 9.14 pace (200cal).

I then came home and ate this.

Which is terrible healthy.  Miso soup with 1/3 red bell pepper, one celery stick, one pak choi, seaweed, rice noodles and a diced slice of tofu.  The bowl is really pretty large, and i didn't realize how many noodles i had added, along side everything else. I didn't think i was going to finish it, but 30 minutes later it was gone.  Now i'm a fast eater, souper fast eater in fact, so for anything to take 30 minutes for me to eat, it has to be big, and souper hot.

It was definitely both.  And guilt free too.