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Monday, February 7, 2011

Gone Mad!!!

I have gone a tad crazy with the old credit card and signed up for not one, not two but three races tonight!!

First off, the 1500m sea swim in Llandudno.  This is held on June 18th and is the same sea swim to the standard distance Sea Triathlon i also signed up for.  I am crazy.  At least that is the general consensus of opinion on facebook right now.  I'm inclined to agree.

Not entirely sure as to why i choose to do a sea swim Tri for my first standard distance, but the fact i get to practice the swim made it seem less crazy.  That and its not too far away and just the right time of year i guess.

But before then, i am doing the Pwllheli Sprint which is a 400m pool swim, 20k bike and 5k run. That's on March 27th.  Then on May 22nd I am doing the Cheshire Sprint.  Also a pool swim, but 500m then 20k bike and 5k run.  For this i have company, Katy is joining me and we may have a friend from London come up to support us, which would be superb.

So it really just seemed like the natural progression to do the next distance event.  What can i say. I need races to motivate me.  I now have races to do that.  My god do i have races planned.  I also have the Ellesmere half marathon in 4 weeks, and my knee is still bothering me a bit.  There is also a little 10k trail run on April 10th which i may do.

I haven't signed up for the Lichfield HM on May 1st.  I'm gonna wait to see how things go.  There are plenty of HMs i could do if i'm so desperate to do one.  I really want to get a sub 2hr, but my focus has just shifted. I'm sure you get why!

So right now, i am shitting bricks!! I know if i train hard, i can complete them all.  And hopefully even compete in them too, as opposed to just finishing.  Bring it on!

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