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Friday, February 18, 2011

Blissful Swimming and Golden Sticky Deliciousness.

Oh beautiful empty pool, how i love you.  I was shocked at the peace and quiet in there yesterday after work.  I got my side lane that i like, up against the wall.  I remembered every thing to swim - cozzy, pull-bouy, watch and drink - flipped my book open and it landed on a workout i was happy to try - sometimes i flick to get one that suits my mood. I hadn't swam in 2 weeks, the pool was closed for 5 days and it had been so busy i was hesitant to go back, i get annoyed at inconsiderate swimmers all doing breaststroke and not leaving a lane for fast folks.  I had also been concentrating on running for a bit, so i was totally expecting this swim to be harder.  I felt like i had been training for years. I had an amazing workout. I loved the swim set, it was interesting and fun. Just fab!

Warm up
200 crawl  4x25 concentrating on distance per stroke
Main set
200 @T + 5sec  30RI
100 @ T x3  15RI
Bonus 1min rest
12x50 odd easy even fast. 15RI
Repeat set once

I added in 150m of pullboy as i was feeling so damn gooood!
Cool down 225 crawl
Total = 2625m

A woman interrupted me to ask about my book.  It really is great.  A really decent amount of workouts, great practical size for the pool side (A6) and of course the waterproof nature because its pages are actually plastic. I never dry it off, just leave it in the bottom of my bag.

I have finally got labels for my Marmalade.  And i have a new addiction.  Not to eating it, but making it (and giving some away), well okay, i really like to eat it too - or what would be the point!  I already have more oranges and plan on buying more this weekend. I want more of the dark and chunky but also want to make some lighter thin shred too.

It is the most satisfying thing i have done in ages. 

At least as satisfying as the cushions i made a few weeks ago.

One large brown teadybear soft brown one, two Pringle, one yellow and a bolster.
 All in a weekends work :)
This weekend is house viewings!  Can't wait!

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