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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recover on the Climb!

That's what she said, mid-way through the spin class after a sprint section.  No rest, just straight on our feet climbing - supposedly recovering!  She was tough on us.  And to end was two sprints in a row as the ipod jumped so we missed the long slow climb.  Not that would be any easier to end a session with, but come on, 2 successive sprints, Bitch!

There was one guy in front of me and he was hot.  Not eye candy hot, just hot.  I opened a window about 20 minutes in, as did the instructor and this guy was steaming. I thought it would last a few seconds or so, but it was constant. It was crazy to see.  Everyone was sweating, but he was literally steaming, not just a little but like a power station.  True physics in action.

In review of last weeks training, i love this graph:

I accidentally ran every day.  It wasn't intentional, just happened.  Tuesday and Thursday were bricks, Wednesday was an easy TM run, testing out the knee, Friday was just a quick run, Saturday fartleks and Sunday my long run.

I rested yesterday.  And didn't run tonight.

Tomorrow though, back on that mill :)

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