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Monday, November 29, 2010

Spin Class

Got home to a warm house for the first time this winter. Through choice i may say. Not spending too much time here, i haven't been putting the heat on.  But what with the country having a cold snap and snow on the ground not melting, i thought it was about time to press the on button.

But, a warm welcoming house, a small bowl of cereal and a laptop with husband on the other end chatting to me makes it difficult for a girl to get out the door.  I did think that i had missed the class, but then peeked my schedule and low and behold i had 30 minutes to get there and i'm glad i did.

Its a sweat fest and unless i really push it on hills and intervals on the treadmill (which actually thinking about it - i often do), its the best workout i get.  I jumped in the pool for a couple of laps, like 300m at most coz mostly i wanted a steam, jacuzzi and sauna really.  Tomorrow is my proper swim workout.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cold and Happy

My sister and Jamie visited this weekend.  It was brief but enjoyable.  Due to the bad weather and that she comes all the way from Hull, they were here for 24 hours.  But in that time we visited Oswestry for a walk around and a few drinks, Whittington for dinner and drinks, and Shrewsbury for a wander and lunch.

I expected them earlier on Saturday, and i was feeling a bit lazy so didn't go to the gym in the morning.  But today when they left, it was sunny and bright.  I was going to head to the gym. I popped on-line and read a bit of FB and dailymile.  Everyone talking about running the cold just made me want to get out there in the sun and bitter cold.

It was in fact only about -4C but that's not too common here.  I donned my cold weather running gear, my while Gillette which worked so well keeping me just the right temp in Milwaukee and poked my nose out the door. Yup, it was bloody cold.  I did my usual route and it was so delightful, amazing to be outside running instead of the dreadmill. I enjoyed every step. It flew by and i was sad to end up on my doorstep once again.

The sun shone the whole time, not a cloud in the sky. I ran past crisp white fields with flocks of sheep grazing in their thick wooly coats. Through Whittington, past the castle with its frozen moat making the ducks waddle around.  Past where we dined last night as i had delicious bacon wrapped pheasant and potato gratin. I plodded on, careful not to slip on ice and snow. Occasionally running on the roads.  If not literally on my face, i was certainly smiling inside.  It was uplifting, energising, and yes, bloody cold.  And that's just how i like it.

Snow capped Shrewsbury.

It took me back to when i first started running.  Just this January back in Milwaukee, a life time a go it seems.  So many things changed, so much happened in between then and now.  Funny though, one thing still the same- my weight.  Probably more muscle and less fat, but still about the same.  But its cool, just saying.

3.9m 9:12 pace - though i gotta learn km as the treadmills are in that so... 6.3km at 5:42 pace

Saturday, November 27, 2010

race planning and a good swim.

I ran 5k with an increasing speed on the treadmill in 28.22 today. Then swam 2K using my new book.  Its was a tough session, and i admit to leaving the last part out ad i don't have a pullboy yet.  But its also the farthest i have swam too.  Really enjoyed it though.

I'm excited too, the UK amazon didn't have any Poolmates left so i have up graded to the Poolmate Pro with the help of my mother-in-laws christmas gift.  Its the one i really wanted so i'm proper stoked about it.

I have also decided that if they allow it, i will marshal at the Northwich Tri in June to gain free entry in to the Llandudlo Sea Tri Olympic in July.  They were offering it last year but i couldn't get to one to marshal to get a free entry.  I have asked so we will have to wait and see. I can't believe i am signing up to a standard distance in July though, that's kinda scary!!

Good night.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yep i'm pretty happy with the way things are going for me. I'm running and swimming like crazy. I do a spin class a week and i hope to use my bike and trainer when it arrives to do more cycling.  I don't like static cycling, but even more so when its on one of those horrible seat on the gym bikes.  Though in all honesty, i'm trying to get the motivation to actually go out on my bike on the weekends.

I have been researching Triathlons near me and they all appear to be an hour away. But, a girl from work said that if i do a close Sprint, then she may join me.  Her man does IM and they just got back from Florida where he did a half IM.  She says i'm crazy for considering aiming at a half IM and said she would never do a triathlon, but she is already wavering on that point so we'll see eh!

My plan is to do a sprint in the early season, April/May time, then do a olympic by the end of the season - October-ish. If i can do a couple of sprints then all the better.  Maybe the first one - pool based, and one open water.  As i assume the Olympic would be open water.

Though my pool is lovely, it annoyingly doesn't have a swim clock.  I'm going to ask for one.  but until then, its hard to do proper sets with proper timings and also to time myself to see how fast i can go.  I am getting a Poolmate - lap timing/counting watch - for christmas, but it wont arrive till after christmas sadly. They have a clock, so i timed myself, i was aiming at 1600m but got cramp in my foot (probably because of the hour hill interval run i just did) so had to stop at 1300m.  It took me 22 minutes.  I have no way to judge this but its 1:40 per 100m.  But i feel ok about it as i can feel my improvement almost weekly.

I am going to invite a couple of friends to do the Telford 10K which is on Dec 19th.  Jeff and his mum will be here, but i have had this race on my mind, in my plans for ages so they can tag along if they want to. Its not so far so...


Friday, November 19, 2010

Body Pump

I got to the gym and noticed in 15 minutes that body pump was on.  I am no good at doing my strength training by myself, so thought i'd try this class.  As with all the classes, it is included in my membership price.  I did a 10 minute warm-up run and headed in.  I quite enjoyed it. For pumping iron. The hour went by quite fast and at points i was really hurting.

I decided a jacuzzi was in order for my hard work so i did 5 minutes in the hot tub then swan 600m.  My arms were tired from the class, but i was only in there for fun anyway.  Coz i can, coz its lovely in there, relaxing and calming and i love to spend 5-10 minutes in the steam room then maybe a few in the sauna on occasion. It still feels like a bit of luxury in my life, the novelty hasn't worn off yet that i can just nip in for a quick swim and steam.  I mean come on, look how nice this is...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting no where fast.

On Running:
Oh man i needed that run. It felt SO good to be running.  Even on a treadmill!  I knew all day tonight was a running night, i haven't had a good run in ages it seemed.  I don't overly enjoy the treadmill but use the programmes to try to keep it interesting and avoid just running an easy pace.  Tonight i set up a 45 minute speed interval run (7.1km covered) and thoroughly enjoyed it, time didn't drag and by the end i wanted more.  So i set up a 15 minute hard hill work out (1.87km covered).  I actually could have run faster but was unsure at the beginning if i'd make it so kept it on level 7.  The last section of flat i increased my speed to fast though, i like a little sprint to the finish line.  I still feel good from it. I then did about 100 sit up type things, maybe more.

The Hip News:
I have my x-ray request right here.  Been talking it over with my mum, trying to make sure i receive no unnecessary radiation - my mum is a radiographer - by ensuring that i get the right one. I was a bit blunt with my GP.  I told him i had asked a consultant i worked with and what he had recommended.  I gave him a brief history but basically my GP did what i told him to do. Namely writing a x-ray request and a referral to Mr Kiely.  This meant though that the x-ray referral is vague.  I did ask another consultant and he also agreed that it would be visible on an AP x-ray so i'm confident i can go ahead and have this done.  If it proves i have what is suspected though, i will need a CT scan :(  more radiation, that stuff isn't to be taken lightly.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Left right left breathe, right left right breathe.

I went swimming tonight after watching several videos on how to have proper form.  I tried to implement it all and i was somewhat successful.  I felt i was faster gliding through the water and that i was getting tired a bit quicker but in a good way as it was in my shoulders.  I could feel that i was stretching out more - elongating my upper body and arm length and doing the proper S shape with my hand/arms.

Now to just practice practice practice.

Yesterday i did 30 minutes of cardio and was all set to do a 30 minute swim, but i had forgotten my goggles, so i just went home.  Monday i had done 20 minutes of upper body weights and a 45 minute spinning class.  I will no doubt get in 6 days of exercise this week, giving myself Saturday off to go shopping with the girls from work.  I'm really looking forward to that, to getting to know them a bit better.  Maybe i'll make a friend.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Over the last week i have truly enjoyed my gym membership.  I joined a swanky place up the street. I had no intention of joining a gym, but i wanted a nice pool, and once in there for my free day, i just couldn't stand the thought of going back to the local pool.  As its in a hotel, the pool is more luxury than utilitarian but its 25 meters, you can have 6-7 folks swimming in their own lane, if not an actual lanes width and its the same depth throughout so tumble turns are possible.  It also has a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.  The gym is nice a big, plenty of machines for the number of members and lots and lots of classes.  I have only done the spinning classes so far but i really enjoyed that.  I've never done one before, but it will be a regular for me.  I plan to try the strength training ones too.

On a slightly less fun note, the pain that i have in my left hip; that i've had for years that has progressively gotten worse over  the past years and now months, has a potential diagnosis.  I asked a Dr (or even a Mr) i work with and he immediately suggested it is anterior femoral impingement.  Which means i have extra bone on a possibility of a few different surfaces, either on the head/neck of the femur or the acetabular or both, or just thats the head of my femur is cam shaped not round.  Unfortunately surgery is basically the only option for treatment, and i don't like the sound of the post of recovery.  No active hip flexion for 6 weeks and NO RUNNING for 3 MONTHS!!!!!  I have a Dr appt to get the process moving, i'm excited that this could be sorted, something i thought a few years ago that i would just have to live with, as at that point it was tolerable, i didn't ever go to the Dr.  I wonder at what point i would have gone to my GP, if i didn't work with orthopaedic surgeons to pick their brains.

I'll keep you updated.