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Monday, November 29, 2010

Spin Class

Got home to a warm house for the first time this winter. Through choice i may say. Not spending too much time here, i haven't been putting the heat on.  But what with the country having a cold snap and snow on the ground not melting, i thought it was about time to press the on button.

But, a warm welcoming house, a small bowl of cereal and a laptop with husband on the other end chatting to me makes it difficult for a girl to get out the door.  I did think that i had missed the class, but then peeked my schedule and low and behold i had 30 minutes to get there and i'm glad i did.

Its a sweat fest and unless i really push it on hills and intervals on the treadmill (which actually thinking about it - i often do), its the best workout i get.  I jumped in the pool for a couple of laps, like 300m at most coz mostly i wanted a steam, jacuzzi and sauna really.  Tomorrow is my proper swim workout.

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