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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cold and Happy

My sister and Jamie visited this weekend.  It was brief but enjoyable.  Due to the bad weather and that she comes all the way from Hull, they were here for 24 hours.  But in that time we visited Oswestry for a walk around and a few drinks, Whittington for dinner and drinks, and Shrewsbury for a wander and lunch.

I expected them earlier on Saturday, and i was feeling a bit lazy so didn't go to the gym in the morning.  But today when they left, it was sunny and bright.  I was going to head to the gym. I popped on-line and read a bit of FB and dailymile.  Everyone talking about running the cold just made me want to get out there in the sun and bitter cold.

It was in fact only about -4C but that's not too common here.  I donned my cold weather running gear, my while Gillette which worked so well keeping me just the right temp in Milwaukee and poked my nose out the door. Yup, it was bloody cold.  I did my usual route and it was so delightful, amazing to be outside running instead of the dreadmill. I enjoyed every step. It flew by and i was sad to end up on my doorstep once again.

The sun shone the whole time, not a cloud in the sky. I ran past crisp white fields with flocks of sheep grazing in their thick wooly coats. Through Whittington, past the castle with its frozen moat making the ducks waddle around.  Past where we dined last night as i had delicious bacon wrapped pheasant and potato gratin. I plodded on, careful not to slip on ice and snow. Occasionally running on the roads.  If not literally on my face, i was certainly smiling inside.  It was uplifting, energising, and yes, bloody cold.  And that's just how i like it.

Snow capped Shrewsbury.

It took me back to when i first started running.  Just this January back in Milwaukee, a life time a go it seems.  So many things changed, so much happened in between then and now.  Funny though, one thing still the same- my weight.  Probably more muscle and less fat, but still about the same.  But its cool, just saying.

3.9m 9:12 pace - though i gotta learn km as the treadmills are in that so... 6.3km at 5:42 pace

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