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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting no where fast.

On Running:
Oh man i needed that run. It felt SO good to be running.  Even on a treadmill!  I knew all day tonight was a running night, i haven't had a good run in ages it seemed.  I don't overly enjoy the treadmill but use the programmes to try to keep it interesting and avoid just running an easy pace.  Tonight i set up a 45 minute speed interval run (7.1km covered) and thoroughly enjoyed it, time didn't drag and by the end i wanted more.  So i set up a 15 minute hard hill work out (1.87km covered).  I actually could have run faster but was unsure at the beginning if i'd make it so kept it on level 7.  The last section of flat i increased my speed to fast though, i like a little sprint to the finish line.  I still feel good from it. I then did about 100 sit up type things, maybe more.

The Hip News:
I have my x-ray request right here.  Been talking it over with my mum, trying to make sure i receive no unnecessary radiation - my mum is a radiographer - by ensuring that i get the right one. I was a bit blunt with my GP.  I told him i had asked a consultant i worked with and what he had recommended.  I gave him a brief history but basically my GP did what i told him to do. Namely writing a x-ray request and a referral to Mr Kiely.  This meant though that the x-ray referral is vague.  I did ask another consultant and he also agreed that it would be visible on an AP x-ray so i'm confident i can go ahead and have this done.  If it proves i have what is suspected though, i will need a CT scan :(  more radiation, that stuff isn't to be taken lightly.

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