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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My First 5K

Well Kerri and I finished our first 5K and had a lot of fun doing it. I like the shirt we got.  I really don't wear t-shirts, like, ever really, but i do need them to do dirty jobs in, like painting and such, and i like how this one is long sleeved.   We also got a box of wheat cereal which i grabbed for Jeff and some cold medicine drink thing.

I am stoked to get my first number.  The coveted number, and have kept it as i plan to get a lot more.

Both of us did really well.  Kerri ran the whole thing and was just two minutes behind me.  I finished 30:30 which is 30 seconds over my goal, but I really don't care and i am now totally hooked. I sped up at the end, unfortunately it was a hill and i got a stitch, and it got a lot worse as i climbed the hill to the end .I say i finished with a smile on my face, but i think in fact it would have been a grimace, but i was definitely smiling inside.

Here are my splits
30:30 Finish

Roll on my next race.  I do run the 6K for water in a month, but not one of the organised events.  Taking sponsorship here!


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