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Sunday, March 28, 2010

KL to Thailand

Wow, its been a while.  But I have been working out. Walking every day of course but also squeezing things in where i can. I do post to DM for every work-out and have been updating My Eye's Anthology with pictures and news of our travels. 

So what I have done since Singapore:
4 days ago: 25 minute strength training using my resistance band, in our not so nice hostel room.
3 days ago:  I had use of a gym in the hotel and really sweat my guts out.  I totally enjoyed this work out and really didn't stop working the whole time. I went from one muscle group right on to the next, legs arms ab, legs arms abs and so on.
20 min run at 10.5 (whatever that means) on hill interval 1-4
15 mins arm weights lunges squats abs
10 min run at 9 incline 1
15 mins arm weights squats lunges abs
10 min run at 8.5 incline 4
2 days ago:
2 min walk warm up
15 minute run interval 2 ,ims at #9 2 mins at #11
10 mins arm and side weights
1 day ago:
12 minute swim in the sea. - if you can call that a work out!

Beautiful warm waters of Kata beach on Phuket Island Thailand
As I have no way of weighing myself, i measured myself before i left.  And good news, in two weeks i have lost 1cm of each thigh and 2cm off my hip measurement.  I'm thrilled with this.

We are now in Thailand and there are places that you can train in Muay Thai Boxing.  I was actually looking in to starting this when i was in Milwaukee but you had to sign up for a year and i didn't want that commitment.  But now i can go and just do an hour or so.  I'm really looking forward to it, i will probably make an ass of myself, i have little coordination, but i'm game!

Right now we are going shopping and later we are going to watch the Thai Boxing.  Apparently the fights start out with the little ones, like 5 years old and work up to the bloody adult fights - I can't wait!!  Being a big fan of cage fighting, this is super exciting to me. Its $45 so i think we will go see the whole thing.


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