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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. The value of a strong balanced core

I was reading up on how important having a strong core is for running, if your core is weak you tire much easier.  And to the extreme, one article telling of tight hip flexors and hunched backs, from too many crunches and too few back exercises, respectively.  I'm not aiming for the wicked witch look, no thanks.

Wednesdays run was a great opportunity for me to learn more about this - personally.  I started out too fast, but then wanted to see how long i could keep the 8:4? I saw on Sally. I wanted to see if i could actually run a 8 minute something mile. And I did happily: 8.50 and then obviously a slower second mile at 9.53.  I don't remember folks aspiring to positive splits! But this is a great showcase of what folks mean about starting out too fast, as i did feel good for at least 3/4 mile. I knew i couldn't sustain it for the three miles I had planned, so i decided to try for at least one more mile and then do strength stuff at home.

So about 1/4 mile from home, i noticed my pelvis was tipped forward and i was slumping almost.  I corrected my posture and noticed how much easier it was to run.  Because i was so tired it was my middle that gave up, not my legs, no, it was my god damn weak ass core that pooped out..  So I came home and did a good core workout and a bit on my arms. I was pressed for time, i had a lunch date. but friday i'm going all out with the core stuff.

2. Go Swim

I have been twice to the pool now, for cross training.  I recorded my swimming with my underwater camera and don't like what i see in my breast stroke at all. My legs are wildly different.   But I really want to master the front crawl anyway, for triathlons, so I'm not concentrating on correcting that right away.  I was directed to  and found a video of how to breath correctly.  I have always been a 2 stroke breather never mastering the right side, but with that tip i feel as good on my right as i ever did on my left side, which its self is even better.  I think i could get in to swimming, and not hate every minute of that section of triathlons.  But it will require me to find a full length pool.  It has to at least be 25 meters.  The current one can't be more than 10 meters and it really hinders progression as i barely get a rhythm going and i'm at the other end.

3. Another Goodbye and a Ruben.

They are coming from all angles and I'm not liking it too much, its uncomfortable and sad. I popped over to Waukesha to have lunch with Dave, who i worked with in my first few months in the country until he moved to a different office, though i continued to see him frequently for work things. Dave is one of those guys everyone loves. I will definitely miss him.  

We went to Rochester Deli and we both had a Ruben, mine with no bread (totally forgot to take my ryeless rye bread), but it meant i got a lot more meat. It was delicious, i will miss Rubens, i don't recall ever seeing one in the UK.  I will have to make that change!

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