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Monday, March 15, 2010

Stepping out on Fit Milwaukee

I can't believe i forgot to post about my feature on  I posted it to FB and it slipped my mind about here.  What can i say, i'm moving countries in three days, things are busy here.

I'm glad i reached out to FitMilwuakee when Tracy called out for readers to Speak Up!  Part of my new active lifestyle i kinda want to try and motivate people.  I know it sounds dead cheesy, but i'm trying to be subtle about it.  More like subliminal messages than  captain megaphone, if you know what i mean.  I considered stopping the 'post to facebook' feature on DM for i find posts about FB games annoying myself, but it did what i wanted it to, it made people think about exercise. A few people have told me its inspiring and that they enjoy reading them.  And really,  i'm only running a bit, thats all.  

But even the smallest nudge or slight breeze can change someone's course.  Alexis read the interview and chose to run two miles instead of doing the dishes. That just makes me smile.  And i have even more friends joining DM. They see the benefit of the site and are enjoying it.  

And as they say - Every little counts. Not only in blood sweat and tears, but also in motivation.

On a similar note.
I am glad i stepped out of my comfort zone and invited Kerri to join me on DM and do the The Blarney Run with me.  I'm not good at being the inviter, outside of my closest friends, and though i've know Kerri for 5 years now, we haven't got too close.  But step out i did, and i'm so pleased i did.  It was really nice to share my first 5K with her, i felt we bonded over a small* but significant accomplishment.  I think it will keep us in touch while i'm in the UK, as before, our friendship may have slipped away with the distance.  Its a first of many races and if i hadn't invited Kerri i would have done it alone**.  And that doesn't sound like much fun to me. So i am going to learn from this, and step out more often. It made my life better immediately and in the long term.

* small is only relative to the MASSIVE accomplishment of running a half marathon.  Coz really, I don't want to scare myself, as if 5K were massive, then what the hell would a marathon be?
** I doubt I would have been there alone really, as there are some really nice folks on DM and if i didn't have Kerri i would have tried to make some firm plans to meet the DM gang. 

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