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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3ish miles and the Zoo

I headed out early-for-me at 8.30AM.  So I have a tender medial heel - apparently!  Not sure what that's all about but i had to hobble a bit at the start of my run, but got in to a rhythm after about half a mile.  That said, i wasn't  really feeling it this morning.

I set out without a plan, took a different way, but an area i know well, i just wanted to go with the flow, see where i ended up (i always pre plan the route).  But my legs were just not so happy to be moving that fast.  They felt heavy.  This is my first experience of heavy legs and now i know what everyone means.  I tried not to think about it and decided that i would just mix it up today. I spotted a smallish hill on route and decided to run hard up it.  Then around the corner once i had recovered, i did some farklets block-stylie.  Ran fast for a block, jogged for recovery for a block. I only did a few of these but it all helps eh.  Then i happened to run down the hill that i did my hill workout on the other day and decided that i should do two repeats as fast i i could bare and still run after.  Success.

I got home and jumped in the shower to get ready for my day out.  Considering how crap i was feeling running, it sure does feel nice to think i got it out of the way, didn't wimp out even with a decent-ish excuse of heel pain, and that i really worked hard to make it not suck.  I think i will pat myself on the back for that one.

I always seem to go to the zoo in the winter.  4 years ago when Laura visited, it was snowing when we were at the Milwaukee Zoo.  Today Lonna and I met at Racine Zoo.

 We had a lovely day out, our last meeting for a while.  I met her through facebook and we became friends. She lives south of Chicago though.  But we tried to meet up as much as we could.

  Racine doesn't really have much to offer, neither did the Zoo.  We wanted to go to the RAM but its Monday and it seems that Monday is the day off in Racine, especially museums.  Hence our trip to the zoo, the pickings are that bad.

 I did find us a lovely lunch spot though; Out of the Pan.  We both had salads and hot drinks to warm our hands.  We then took a walk down Main Street and browsed a few shops.  I will miss our photo-taking outings.

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