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Monday, March 22, 2010

Singapore is hot!

In Singapore's Botanical Gardens
I second guessed myself and didn't take my running stuff on the plane with me, so when it came to being in Taipei airport for 10 hours i was cursing myself.  Initially we were herded to concourse A where our transfer was.  A few shops, a couple of food places, old carpet, construction and seats you couldn't lie down on without contorting yourself like a Russian gymnast and weaving your feet through the arm rest, yes, i did it, it wasn't worth it.  But we found free wifi and were content for a couple of hours. 

Then our tummies got us to our feet in search of food. That was when we discovered we were sitting in the armpit of Taipei airport, and a stinky unshaven armpit at that.  As soon as i saw concourse D i regretted not having my running gear.  Wide, long and empty of passengers, i couldn't see the end. New and sparkly, concourse D was where it was at.  
Concourse D(lightful)
Unable to resist the potential sweat i could get on, i purchased some sweat pants from the Puma store and took to the fairway in my keens and push-up bra (yes and a top too).  And low and behold, the whole rest of the airport was as sparkly and new. Shops and restaurants galore, art galleries to peruse, prayer rooms for every religion and lovely little planted areas to sit and relax.  Unlike any airport i have ever seen before. Just lovely.  

I ran the whole thing, i ran to every gate in every terminal. it took me 35 minutes.  It got crowded in parts but i really didn't have to slow down. I got some funny looks but whatever. It was great to run after being cooped up for 14 hours.  It removed the water from my swollen feet and revived my sore glutes with blood.  Totally worth the $$ for the sweats.
Art on a building in Singapore
Sunday morning was my first run in the heat.  I got up at 6.30 and was out the door in the dark by 6.40.  It was hot and humid.  I was sweating almost instantly.  Sally was having a hard time finding satellites and asked a question i didn't expect. "have you traveled hundreds of miles since your last run?" Why yes Sally, yes i have :)  Q answered and she was all set looking for satellites over the right continent.  I didn't like the humidity, nor the heat.  Give me 15degF any day quite frankly.  I even had to walk a little bit.  I got a stitch in mile 2 and walked for a minute.  

Mutton Curry - delicious (with side effects)
My Indian dinner the night before had passed through me a little too fast, shall we say, and i was bloody starving (shame coz it was super tasty).  I took water with me thankfully but was feeling tired. I ran an out and back for fear of getting lost, starting in Little India i headed out to a park i found on the map but didn't find it.  I later found out that its the Itsana (palace in Indonesian) grounds and a highly guarded area.  Though it was a slow uncomfortable run i'm glad i did it as i felt great the rest of the day and it certainly helped me eat my unusual breakfast of pork soup and rice.

Bak Kut Teh and a strawberry and soursop juice

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