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Monday, March 8, 2010

one foot...then the other...

Oh running, how i missed thee.  It was only 3 days too.  I think this fabulous mood is some what to do with the fact its 50 degrees outside, the sun is shinning and there is barely any wind.  This was my first run in warmth, it was nice but felt weird with no hat on. I know its not that warm but just last week it was still freezing cold.  So i did 4 miles and felt great. I didn't plan a route, i just ran, it was lovely to just run where my feet took me, i ran a really random route i never would have plotted. Its nice with that freedom.  I'm so loving Sally.

At mile 1.3 I took a path that i normally cycle along the lake side, and once on it, there is only one 'out' up some steps, but i really wanted to avoid them and run the whole length and up the hill at the end. It would have made a 4-5 mile run but i was okay with that. Unfortunately half way through it got really snowy, in fact up to a foot in places.  So once i got to that set of steps i headed off the lake side path and back up to the streets.  I ran up the steps too.  And Died!!  Back to life after a small breather, i tried to make up the time as i know i slowed down a lot to go through snow and up the steps.  Really wished i had the HR monitor on, but alas.

All in all a fabulous run.
4.01 miles = 40.19

and of course, as i can i will, here are my splits.
8.56  WHAT???

I came home and did 15 minutes of core and arms with a few lunges. I am really trying to do a variety of core stuff to make sure I stay well balanced. I never really worked my back before but i read that you can really mess up your running if you have a strong front but a weak back.  I am adding Supermen to my routine.  I also read that core workouts are best left for every other day, not everyday.  I'm fine with that. 

Happy Running, hope its sunny by you too :)

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