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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gimmie a F gimme a A gimmie a S gimmie a T

Yeeee Haaaaaa, I am FAST!!!

May I introduce Sally to you all.  I'm sure you have seen her siblings out there. But This Is Sally.  She is a bad ass personal trainer.  She will shout and scream till she is red in the face until you 'finish that set'. She will literally kick your but if you slack on a hill. As a child she was the fat kid, now is is a marathon running triathlete speed machine. If she leans over to stretch, you may see one of her tattoos, same if you shaved her head. All her work out gear is black or red. She will kick your ass, but love you doing it. If you call, spitting in your face as she screams at you to go faster, harder, stronger, longer - love?

So yeah, i got Sally for my birthday (33rd if you were wondering) from Jeff, my ankle feels 80% no, in fact 90% better, so wanted to take sally for her first run. I wanted to do an easy jog, to see how my ankle would feel, i started off nice and slow and eased in to it, though that only took maybe a tenth of a mile.  Then i was off. I had to double and triple and quadruple check as the numbers were sub 10 min mile.  But there it was again and again, i looked and saw 9 15, 9.38, 9.46, and i even saw an 8 a few times, 8.59 probably but it was an 8!  So i'm freaking thrilled.  I thought i ran an 11 min/mile comfortably but that pace is 10!  I have to trust Sallys numbers over anything else and i know these are used by so many people so i suppose i just have to accept the fact that i can run a ten minute mile a hella lot easier than i thought. Yay for good things on your birthday. 

I am icing my ankle right now, as it started to niggle about a mile in.  The run was super fantastic, apart from the obvious sub 10 min/mile, it felt joyous to be outside, in the evening sun, above freezing temps and running.  Buy you know, i think i could have come in from running in the dark and 15 degrees Fahrenheit and said the same thing.  It was just good to run.  I think i missed it.  I know i LOVED it today, and can't wait for tomorrow when i will run longer.

Here were the few stats i got from 2 miles.

Mile 1:   9.32
Mile 2: 10.05
2.2 miles = 19.51 minutes

Avg pace 9.49
Avg speed 6.1 mph
Total calories 250
Avg heart rate 161 bpm
Max HR 173 bpm

So far i have had an awesome birthday.  I had lunch with a friend i don't see that often, i got to run. Tonight Darling Husband is cooking a healthy dinner, so i can have a unhealthy desert - my favourite, carrot cake from Outpost. Oh thank you cake gods for Outposts gf carrot cake - it is amazing.  Unfortunately it is most likely a days worth of calories. And i nearly always eat it all.  But today, even though its my birthday, i will only eat half and save the rest for tomorrows breakfast :)

 Tomorrow i am going to kick ass running and working out, as i don't think i will do much on sunday.  Saturday night brings our leaving party, much food and booze will be consumed.


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