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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Race Report: Race for Life 5K

Today was the Race for Life 5K - which isn't actually a 5K and barely a race, but still an event of good worth and a reason to wear pink. Pink is not my colour at all haven't worn it in about a decade, but I did buy a hot pink Adidas top on holiday which i love, so my dislike for the colour is waning and i may even bring it in to my none-workout wear at some point.  The race is super close to my house so i did a walk run there and arrived just minutes before the start. I sneaked up to the front, noticing that there were few 'real' runners. You know the ones, they look like they can run a sub 20 minute 5K (which they can), they form a line of short shorts, GPS watches and properly warmed up quads.  There were very few of this breed.  I placed myself maybe 6 rows from the front and i soon realised that i should have been only two rows back.  When the horn blew it took me 2-3 seconds to hit the start and i was immediately weaving round those in front of me so i could run a decent pace. My new fast pace, that one that starts with an eight.

There were some young ones running, when i say young, like 10 to 14 yr olds.  They are speedy from the get go, with their pink tutus and effervescent running form - oh to be 13 again.  I was hoping to catch them later on when they flagged from improper pacing.  I noticed that few people were passing me yet i was still passing a few here and there.  I liked this being at the front thing.  The race was not held on the route i thought, and most of it was on grass.  A lap round the field then on to the road and back for an inside loop on the grass again. There were plenty of spectators all around the course which was great for my motivation. 

The first mile is some down hill, mostly up hill then starts to go down after the mile marker (beep on my watch) so i increased my pace a little, knowing there was another uphill to come later, in which i'd likely slow down a tad. After said incline (its small but significant) i again picked up my pace and started picking off ladies. Then there were just four girls in front of me on the course still (some had finished already, i wasn't 5th or anything) so i aimed to pick these last girls off as we came round the final 600 meters or so. One girl in pink, and her friend. Done.  As we round the corner the race line works for me and there's the other. 300m left and just as the steward says 'Stong finish girls' i pull out all effort and sneak past the last girl in sight. I think i may puke for the last 50m and i hope no one is taking any photos as my red grimacing face sees the clock ahead reading 22:51. Weird, i think but focus on remembering to stop my watch as i run through the finish arch. I don't puke. I'm elated. I take my medal with pride.

2.67m in 22:56 avg pace 8:35
Splits 8:43,  8:41,  5:31 avg pace 8:11

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