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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slowly Getting Faster.

I had a day off on Monday after the race so on Tuesday i was raring to go.  Decided before i set off, for once, what i was doing, where i was going.  Decided that with the new info on how fast i can actually run, that i should start pushing it more, up my usual easy pace to get more out of myself. Make those junk miles in to quality miles. That way i can keep getting better.

So i ran my usual route up the Mount, down then up QMR which is just over 3 miles.  Knocked an average of 30sec/m off my usual time. 3.34m in 29:23 avg pace 9:03 Just a month ago i did a tempo on the same route at a 9:33 pace.

Today i just did my first real hill workout in forever.  I used the Mount again, its nice and quiet up there.  Its a mile warm up up to the hill then I ran 4 hill repeats and managed to stay pretty close together with the times. 1:33, 1:38 1:30, 1:34.  Recovery was about 1:50/2:00 jog down. I'm going to add one more repeat every week. I then added a couple of miles on after for good measure, or rather, as i didn't think i was going to feel that 4 hill repeats was enough of a work out, but i was wrong. Just the mile home would have been fine, but no i went the other way and ended up doing 4.5 miles in total.

On my way home i heard lots of cheering as i passed a school sports day, i saw the runners making it around the route and had an over whelming urge to join in.  I think it was the screaming and cheering, i really wanted to participate.  Since the Race for Life i have found that i really want to race more, i love that feeling, all those other runners around me, all running for a goal, each one different but all doing the same thing.  Wish there were more around here i could participate in.

Oh yeah, i was in the local paper from the Race for Life.  Thankfully i'm not in focus!

On the right in my pink. Glad i was wearing it.

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