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Thursday, July 8, 2010


This whole not-having-a-job-thing is really starting to piss me off.  I really want to sign up for a race, but i just can't afford to do it.  Triathlons are expensive and once singed up, i have to get to the pool.  And pool fees aren't cheap either, especially as i would need to go 3 times a week to really make the proper effort.

So I'm flitting between Tri's and half marathons.  I keep thinking if i just sign up for a HM and leave the Tri's till next year when i have a job - i hope, then that will ease the annoyance, provide that all important goal.  I would be able to use my bike a cross training as i do love to ride it, but not bother with the swimming part yet.  This really is not what i want, but i just can't afford to train properly.

Really can't afford the HM either but a girl needs a goal. I need a goal. I feel unfocused.  I even had a whole bloody week off running, biking, anything, apart from walking while Jeff was here.  But its not that i couldn't have gone out for a quick run, done some sit ups or a bit of strength training, but i just didn't see the need, i wasn't feeling it. I have no motivation with no goal, apart from keeping weight off and increasing my speed.  But that's just not enough sometimes.

So its back to the original game plan of HM training. That is until i get a job and the first thing I'm gonna do is get in the pool.  But until then, run and bike, bike and run. and run. and run. and run.

Today, 3 miles, slow.  I did pop in to the spport center and see about classes, but even unemployed have to pay £3.45 per class. I'd love to do a Pump FX class, and may push the budget every fortnight to attend. We'll see...

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