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Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay I have a plan. Every fortnight I will complete
  • 2 easy runs 3-4 miles. 
  • 1 tempo run 3-4 miles. 
  • 2 speed - 3-4 miles of intervals or fartleks. 
  • 2 long runs. Building up from 5 by about one mile per week.
  • 1 hill work out
  • 1 strength class - hopefully at the sports center
  • Cross train cycling for an hour on off days.
That would then be running 4 days a week and cycling two and one strength class.
    I have a 5K on sunday - Race for life, which I plan to run in under 30 minutes. In fact, I think i could push for 29 mins but i find it difficult to judge what i can run, having only two races under my belt and only one being a 5K.  So i'm going to run my tempo run this week on the course so i can have an idea of what is achievable. It happens to be just off my regular Olivers mount run, but he flat part that i normally leave out - coz its flat. I know that i'm going to push my self to the front of the pack to get a realistic race time from the official clock and not get stuck behind slower runners - miss spey gonzales that i am! This time i'm being selfish and will make others run around me if they need to.  That is'nt to say i'll be on the front line, but only a few rows back.

    Did a 3 mile fartlek run today. Ran past my old school, nothings changed. 3.34 in 34:47 pace 10m/mi

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