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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Tri HM plan

I am so excited, I have finally decided on my triathlon and my half marathon. Some will probably say I'm a fool for training for both at the same time but I have a very good reason for it. First off, I want to do a half marathon before I commit my complete self to triathlons, which I think I probably will.

As I started this whole new attitude about exercise because of signing up for a half marathon (though I was unlucky in the ballot draw and didn't get a place) I really still want to achieve that goal. I plan to run the Bradford half on October 17th. Also I am hoping that I will be getting pregnant next year so
not sure that I will be able to train excessively like I would need to. I would hope to get another season in but can't be sure. This all depends on getting a job of course but I really want to start a
family. So this means that I am training simultaniously for both. The triathalon is on September 26th, just three weeks before the half.

I have put a plan together. It was using a swim focused tri plan i found online and I just upped the mileage and added an extra run per week. It's a tough schedule, it's 16 weeks long for the tri and 19 for the HM. 8 sessions a week one day off. I decided on a swim focused opposed to a run focused as you are supposed to train more in your weakest sport and as I can barely swim a length right now swimming is definitely my inferior talent I'm hoping my enthusiasm will get me through the tough schedule. And perhaps being unemployed will help but i really need a job to pay for the pool fees.

The next day, finishing this post....
On my run yesterday, which seemed really tough (which was because I was running faster than I thought but I felt slow) I was debating whether I could really pull off training for both in my first ever season of training for anything - ever! I decided that if I had to drop one goal it would be the HM. This surprised me given the reason mentioned above.  But i feel that perhaps training for a HM would be easier than a tri when I have a new baby to look after too. So it's gun-hoe all effort forward to do both but if I'm just not cut out for 8 sessions a week plus weight training twice a week then I will back off and concentrate on the tri. Eeeeeee. I really am excited.

I fly home tomorrow. I can't wait to see my parents, friends and family. I have this interview looming over me that happens on Friday. I feel prepared so I'm quite calm -surprisingly.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Running in Osaka - love it!!

So I did in fact get out for another run, down that sea path and it was much more pleasent experience. I ran 3 miles and in the first half I did three sets of farklets and on the return I did three sets of bounding. Yes it was hot but it was still good.

Since arriving in beautiful Osaka, Japan I have run twice. The first was a slowish run where Sally kept loosing signals and told me I was running at 4 min/mile. So I'm not sure I believe her with the time for run but I ran 4.2 ish miles in about 45 minutes.

My second run 2 days later was awesome. I felt great. I started slow running a ten min/mile then on the return as I was feeling so good I thought I'd run it back at what I will try to call my 5K race pace. Basically pushing it but not too much that I couldn't maintain it. So my splits were 9:59, 9:46, 8:51 total 3.05m in 28:58. That's the fastest I've run I think, and I'd say I still had something left in the tank.

So I'm pretty stoked about that last mile. So now I'm going to dedicate two runs a week to doing the last half at race pace which I think I'm going to aim for 9:15 min mile until that's gets comfortable(ish) then perhaps up the distance to 2/3 of the run at race pace.

Tomorrow we have little planned apart from Jeff wants to play Pachinko and get a haircut. So I'm going to do a 'long run'. Thinking just 5 miles since I've just got back in to regular running. Then perhaps next week in Tokyo I can try for 6.

I have a 10K planned in England already with one of my best mates husband and brother which is in July. Can't wait!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not the kind of reduction I'm looking for.

Today was hard. I think I've lost some of my aerobic fitness, and im not best pleased about it. I went for a run on a tredmill today in the outside gym. In the middle I did three intervals of 2 minutes of increased speed. Not all out but fasted than I would run. But I was so hot and tired I only managed 5 of the 6k I programmed. I finished up with some squats lunges and arm weights. The temperature was hot but really it was the humidity that was horrid. But with this day being so sweaty and I still managed to work out even though it was not so much fun, it means that I have to try regardless of the temps as even a weak workout is better than none at all.

I think tomorrow I'm gonna try for a run along the sea path.