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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not the kind of reduction I'm looking for.

Today was hard. I think I've lost some of my aerobic fitness, and im not best pleased about it. I went for a run on a tredmill today in the outside gym. In the middle I did three intervals of 2 minutes of increased speed. Not all out but fasted than I would run. But I was so hot and tired I only managed 5 of the 6k I programmed. I finished up with some squats lunges and arm weights. The temperature was hot but really it was the humidity that was horrid. But with this day being so sweaty and I still managed to work out even though it was not so much fun, it means that I have to try regardless of the temps as even a weak workout is better than none at all.

I think tomorrow I'm gonna try for a run along the sea path.

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