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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Running in Osaka - love it!!

So I did in fact get out for another run, down that sea path and it was much more pleasent experience. I ran 3 miles and in the first half I did three sets of farklets and on the return I did three sets of bounding. Yes it was hot but it was still good.

Since arriving in beautiful Osaka, Japan I have run twice. The first was a slowish run where Sally kept loosing signals and told me I was running at 4 min/mile. So I'm not sure I believe her with the time for run but I ran 4.2 ish miles in about 45 minutes.

My second run 2 days later was awesome. I felt great. I started slow running a ten min/mile then on the return as I was feeling so good I thought I'd run it back at what I will try to call my 5K race pace. Basically pushing it but not too much that I couldn't maintain it. So my splits were 9:59, 9:46, 8:51 total 3.05m in 28:58. That's the fastest I've run I think, and I'd say I still had something left in the tank.

So I'm pretty stoked about that last mile. So now I'm going to dedicate two runs a week to doing the last half at race pace which I think I'm going to aim for 9:15 min mile until that's gets comfortable(ish) then perhaps up the distance to 2/3 of the run at race pace.

Tomorrow we have little planned apart from Jeff wants to play Pachinko and get a haircut. So I'm going to do a 'long run'. Thinking just 5 miles since I've just got back in to regular running. Then perhaps next week in Tokyo I can try for 6.

I have a 10K planned in England already with one of my best mates husband and brother which is in July. Can't wait!!

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