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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Tri HM plan

I am so excited, I have finally decided on my triathlon and my half marathon. Some will probably say I'm a fool for training for both at the same time but I have a very good reason for it. First off, I want to do a half marathon before I commit my complete self to triathlons, which I think I probably will.

As I started this whole new attitude about exercise because of signing up for a half marathon (though I was unlucky in the ballot draw and didn't get a place) I really still want to achieve that goal. I plan to run the Bradford half on October 17th. Also I am hoping that I will be getting pregnant next year so
not sure that I will be able to train excessively like I would need to. I would hope to get another season in but can't be sure. This all depends on getting a job of course but I really want to start a
family. So this means that I am training simultaniously for both. The triathalon is on September 26th, just three weeks before the half.

I have put a plan together. It was using a swim focused tri plan i found online and I just upped the mileage and added an extra run per week. It's a tough schedule, it's 16 weeks long for the tri and 19 for the HM. 8 sessions a week one day off. I decided on a swim focused opposed to a run focused as you are supposed to train more in your weakest sport and as I can barely swim a length right now swimming is definitely my inferior talent I'm hoping my enthusiasm will get me through the tough schedule. And perhaps being unemployed will help but i really need a job to pay for the pool fees.

The next day, finishing this post....
On my run yesterday, which seemed really tough (which was because I was running faster than I thought but I felt slow) I was debating whether I could really pull off training for both in my first ever season of training for anything - ever! I decided that if I had to drop one goal it would be the HM. This surprised me given the reason mentioned above.  But i feel that perhaps training for a HM would be easier than a tri when I have a new baby to look after too. So it's gun-hoe all effort forward to do both but if I'm just not cut out for 8 sessions a week plus weight training twice a week then I will back off and concentrate on the tri. Eeeeeee. I really am excited.

I fly home tomorrow. I can't wait to see my parents, friends and family. I have this interview looming over me that happens on Friday. I feel prepared so I'm quite calm -surprisingly.

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