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Monday, March 29, 2010

Working out in 100 degrees

I have a problem, i have to make a decision and i'm terrible at making them.  What do i want most, to become a triathlete/runner or take up Thai Boxing?  As I thought, it was a hella lota fun.  And a great workout.  I have been interested in it for a long time, even considering signing up for the Duke Rufus academy in Milwaukee, but at the time i didn't want the commitment and price tag associated with it.  But now i have done it, if only for 1:30 hours i could be hooked.

The gym.
I arrived promptly at 4pm and was already sweating, it was only a 2 minute walk but it was 95deg F and felt like 103!!  Bloody hell what was i thinking?  A guy gave me a jump rope and off i went, i haven't used one since i was a kid really.  I started out fast and when i stopped to wipe my brow the guy said "10 minutes" with a smile.  Okay, so i need to slow down then, i was maybe one minute in.  I surprised myself maintaining a decent pace for the ten minutes and then i was instructed to jump on a huge tire and punch the air for 3 minutes.  Then we stretched and i was thankful for the break. I had only done the warm up!

Take that!
My hands were wrapped and i started to feel excited, and like a boxer, and a little nervous. Will i understand the instructions, will i manage the coordination necessary?  I have a past ridden with embarrassing moments in aerobics classes as i don't pick up combination's of moves that fast.  I climbed in to the ring with the instructor and he started showing me the moves.  I wasn't sure if he wanted me to actually make contact when kicking and kneeing him, like with the punches, not that i would have hurt him and his 'rock hard abs'. So i just made sure to make contact.

Once i had the moves down we went through some sequences, he did say 'Perfect' quite a few times and i recognized when i did a move well.  Every move involves your whole body.  A punch isn't just a punch, its a step punch block and twist.  A kick is also a whole sequence of moves, each thing either protecting you or creating power.  I like that it really takes concentration but as i said, i'm not great at combos so i often started with the wrong foot or hand.

After about an hour, i changed instructors and was now kicking and punching a bag. This was fun-ish but hurt when i started elbowing it.  And as the bag swings, i often missed it. Thankfully the bag work was only a small portion of the session.  He then put on a belt so i could knee and kick him. This was super fun. I really could put power behind each kick and he went through lots of sequences; punch upper cut, knee, hook, punch kick etc.  Awesome!

We ended with sit up's including punching the bottom of the bag on each rise with both hands, he stood on my feet to make it easier and i was surprised he stopped me before i was tired.  But we went again for two more sets. By the end i was completely soaked, shattered and elated.And have two blisters on the bottom of my big toes.  Twisting on carpet with baby soft feet and that's what you get. Totally worth it though.

So now i'm torn.  This was so much fun.  More fun than running is, as much as i have started to love running.  Not that i'd have to give up running to do Muay Thai but i couldn't train to be a triathlete and do it.  So i guess i will make my decision when i find out where i will live and if there is a decent place to train.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

KL to Thailand

Wow, its been a while.  But I have been working out. Walking every day of course but also squeezing things in where i can. I do post to DM for every work-out and have been updating My Eye's Anthology with pictures and news of our travels. 

So what I have done since Singapore:
4 days ago: 25 minute strength training using my resistance band, in our not so nice hostel room.
3 days ago:  I had use of a gym in the hotel and really sweat my guts out.  I totally enjoyed this work out and really didn't stop working the whole time. I went from one muscle group right on to the next, legs arms ab, legs arms abs and so on.
20 min run at 10.5 (whatever that means) on hill interval 1-4
15 mins arm weights lunges squats abs
10 min run at 9 incline 1
15 mins arm weights squats lunges abs
10 min run at 8.5 incline 4
2 days ago:
2 min walk warm up
15 minute run interval 2 ,ims at #9 2 mins at #11
10 mins arm and side weights
1 day ago:
12 minute swim in the sea. - if you can call that a work out!

Beautiful warm waters of Kata beach on Phuket Island Thailand
As I have no way of weighing myself, i measured myself before i left.  And good news, in two weeks i have lost 1cm of each thigh and 2cm off my hip measurement.  I'm thrilled with this.

We are now in Thailand and there are places that you can train in Muay Thai Boxing.  I was actually looking in to starting this when i was in Milwaukee but you had to sign up for a year and i didn't want that commitment.  But now i can go and just do an hour or so.  I'm really looking forward to it, i will probably make an ass of myself, i have little coordination, but i'm game!

Right now we are going shopping and later we are going to watch the Thai Boxing.  Apparently the fights start out with the little ones, like 5 years old and work up to the bloody adult fights - I can't wait!!  Being a big fan of cage fighting, this is super exciting to me. Its $45 so i think we will go see the whole thing.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Singapore is hot!

In Singapore's Botanical Gardens
I second guessed myself and didn't take my running stuff on the plane with me, so when it came to being in Taipei airport for 10 hours i was cursing myself.  Initially we were herded to concourse A where our transfer was.  A few shops, a couple of food places, old carpet, construction and seats you couldn't lie down on without contorting yourself like a Russian gymnast and weaving your feet through the arm rest, yes, i did it, it wasn't worth it.  But we found free wifi and were content for a couple of hours. 

Then our tummies got us to our feet in search of food. That was when we discovered we were sitting in the armpit of Taipei airport, and a stinky unshaven armpit at that.  As soon as i saw concourse D i regretted not having my running gear.  Wide, long and empty of passengers, i couldn't see the end. New and sparkly, concourse D was where it was at.  
Concourse D(lightful)
Unable to resist the potential sweat i could get on, i purchased some sweat pants from the Puma store and took to the fairway in my keens and push-up bra (yes and a top too).  And low and behold, the whole rest of the airport was as sparkly and new. Shops and restaurants galore, art galleries to peruse, prayer rooms for every religion and lovely little planted areas to sit and relax.  Unlike any airport i have ever seen before. Just lovely.  

I ran the whole thing, i ran to every gate in every terminal. it took me 35 minutes.  It got crowded in parts but i really didn't have to slow down. I got some funny looks but whatever. It was great to run after being cooped up for 14 hours.  It removed the water from my swollen feet and revived my sore glutes with blood.  Totally worth the $$ for the sweats.
Art on a building in Singapore
Sunday morning was my first run in the heat.  I got up at 6.30 and was out the door in the dark by 6.40.  It was hot and humid.  I was sweating almost instantly.  Sally was having a hard time finding satellites and asked a question i didn't expect. "have you traveled hundreds of miles since your last run?" Why yes Sally, yes i have :)  Q answered and she was all set looking for satellites over the right continent.  I didn't like the humidity, nor the heat.  Give me 15degF any day quite frankly.  I even had to walk a little bit.  I got a stitch in mile 2 and walked for a minute.  

Mutton Curry - delicious (with side effects)
My Indian dinner the night before had passed through me a little too fast, shall we say, and i was bloody starving (shame coz it was super tasty).  I took water with me thankfully but was feeling tired. I ran an out and back for fear of getting lost, starting in Little India i headed out to a park i found on the map but didn't find it.  I later found out that its the Itsana (palace in Indonesian) grounds and a highly guarded area.  Though it was a slow uncomfortable run i'm glad i did it as i felt great the rest of the day and it certainly helped me eat my unusual breakfast of pork soup and rice.

Bak Kut Teh and a strawberry and soursop juice

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About to board the first of 4 flights. Singapore here we come! (Via minneapolis LAX Taiwan)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stepping out on Fit Milwaukee

I can't believe i forgot to post about my feature on  I posted it to FB and it slipped my mind about here.  What can i say, i'm moving countries in three days, things are busy here.

I'm glad i reached out to FitMilwuakee when Tracy called out for readers to Speak Up!  Part of my new active lifestyle i kinda want to try and motivate people.  I know it sounds dead cheesy, but i'm trying to be subtle about it.  More like subliminal messages than  captain megaphone, if you know what i mean.  I considered stopping the 'post to facebook' feature on DM for i find posts about FB games annoying myself, but it did what i wanted it to, it made people think about exercise. A few people have told me its inspiring and that they enjoy reading them.  And really,  i'm only running a bit, thats all.  

But even the smallest nudge or slight breeze can change someone's course.  Alexis read the interview and chose to run two miles instead of doing the dishes. That just makes me smile.  And i have even more friends joining DM. They see the benefit of the site and are enjoying it.  

And as they say - Every little counts. Not only in blood sweat and tears, but also in motivation.

On a similar note.
I am glad i stepped out of my comfort zone and invited Kerri to join me on DM and do the The Blarney Run with me.  I'm not good at being the inviter, outside of my closest friends, and though i've know Kerri for 5 years now, we haven't got too close.  But step out i did, and i'm so pleased i did.  It was really nice to share my first 5K with her, i felt we bonded over a small* but significant accomplishment.  I think it will keep us in touch while i'm in the UK, as before, our friendship may have slipped away with the distance.  Its a first of many races and if i hadn't invited Kerri i would have done it alone**.  And that doesn't sound like much fun to me. So i am going to learn from this, and step out more often. It made my life better immediately and in the long term.

* small is only relative to the MASSIVE accomplishment of running a half marathon.  Coz really, I don't want to scare myself, as if 5K were massive, then what the hell would a marathon be?
** I doubt I would have been there alone really, as there are some really nice folks on DM and if i didn't have Kerri i would have tried to make some firm plans to meet the DM gang. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My First 5K

Well Kerri and I finished our first 5K and had a lot of fun doing it. I like the shirt we got.  I really don't wear t-shirts, like, ever really, but i do need them to do dirty jobs in, like painting and such, and i like how this one is long sleeved.   We also got a box of wheat cereal which i grabbed for Jeff and some cold medicine drink thing.

I am stoked to get my first number.  The coveted number, and have kept it as i plan to get a lot more.

Both of us did really well.  Kerri ran the whole thing and was just two minutes behind me.  I finished 30:30 which is 30 seconds over my goal, but I really don't care and i am now totally hooked. I sped up at the end, unfortunately it was a hill and i got a stitch, and it got a lot worse as i climbed the hill to the end .I say i finished with a smile on my face, but i think in fact it would have been a grimace, but i was definitely smiling inside.

Here are my splits
30:30 Finish

Roll on my next race.  I do run the 6K for water in a month, but not one of the organised events.  Taking sponsorship here!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. The value of a strong balanced core

I was reading up on how important having a strong core is for running, if your core is weak you tire much easier.  And to the extreme, one article telling of tight hip flexors and hunched backs, from too many crunches and too few back exercises, respectively.  I'm not aiming for the wicked witch look, no thanks.

Wednesdays run was a great opportunity for me to learn more about this - personally.  I started out too fast, but then wanted to see how long i could keep the 8:4? I saw on Sally. I wanted to see if i could actually run a 8 minute something mile. And I did happily: 8.50 and then obviously a slower second mile at 9.53.  I don't remember folks aspiring to positive splits! But this is a great showcase of what folks mean about starting out too fast, as i did feel good for at least 3/4 mile. I knew i couldn't sustain it for the three miles I had planned, so i decided to try for at least one more mile and then do strength stuff at home.

So about 1/4 mile from home, i noticed my pelvis was tipped forward and i was slumping almost.  I corrected my posture and noticed how much easier it was to run.  Because i was so tired it was my middle that gave up, not my legs, no, it was my god damn weak ass core that pooped out..  So I came home and did a good core workout and a bit on my arms. I was pressed for time, i had a lunch date. but friday i'm going all out with the core stuff.

2. Go Swim

I have been twice to the pool now, for cross training.  I recorded my swimming with my underwater camera and don't like what i see in my breast stroke at all. My legs are wildly different.   But I really want to master the front crawl anyway, for triathlons, so I'm not concentrating on correcting that right away.  I was directed to  and found a video of how to breath correctly.  I have always been a 2 stroke breather never mastering the right side, but with that tip i feel as good on my right as i ever did on my left side, which its self is even better.  I think i could get in to swimming, and not hate every minute of that section of triathlons.  But it will require me to find a full length pool.  It has to at least be 25 meters.  The current one can't be more than 10 meters and it really hinders progression as i barely get a rhythm going and i'm at the other end.

3. Another Goodbye and a Ruben.

They are coming from all angles and I'm not liking it too much, its uncomfortable and sad. I popped over to Waukesha to have lunch with Dave, who i worked with in my first few months in the country until he moved to a different office, though i continued to see him frequently for work things. Dave is one of those guys everyone loves. I will definitely miss him.  

We went to Rochester Deli and we both had a Ruben, mine with no bread (totally forgot to take my ryeless rye bread), but it meant i got a lot more meat. It was delicious, i will miss Rubens, i don't recall ever seeing one in the UK.  I will have to make that change!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who knew? Not me!

When i used to see runners running, i just imagined that they just ran. Ran a the same speed, what i assumed was comfortable but fast.  They always looked comfortable, compared to my face while trying to run.  I had absolutely no idea that there were so many types of runs.  And that most runners actually mix it up and do these runs.
Thank god for the Internet of i would have never known that just running moderate pace all the time is not really a good thing to do.  I do understand the need for interval training, but i thought that would come from hills.

Starting running is like starting to learn a new subject at school.  When i started my orthotics and prosthetics degree there was a whole new vocabulary i had to learn.  From every muscle and bone and tendon in the body to diseases, injuries and devices.  Even if i knew the words or muscles, i had to look at them a different way, and know a whole lot more about them.

Running is much the same.   Lots of words i am familiar with but no clue of their meaning in running terms.  From tempo, farklets and recovery runs, to pace, taper and brick.  

I am happy to report that i now feel pretty confident with running vocabulary and feel i know enough to bore some folks and to leave others baffled, like i was at first.  It was a pretty easy learning curve mind, nothing like 4 years of University.

Now I need to learn the biking and swimming lingo, as i don't think Brick is going to get me very far.  I'm looking forward to subscribing to Triathletes World once in the UK.  They don't have an equivalent US version and it cost a staggering $9.80 to buy the UK magazine over here. Yeah, i'll just wait!

Now i'm off to swim.  Want to try out a few things i have learnt from  my new website addiction.


344 Pounds - Add one more minute!

This guy - Tyler, is such a nice down to earth guy, and is being successful in loosing 125 pounds.  I am happy to report that by adding this link to my blog he will work out a whole minute longer than if i didn't do it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

one foot...then the other...

Oh running, how i missed thee.  It was only 3 days too.  I think this fabulous mood is some what to do with the fact its 50 degrees outside, the sun is shinning and there is barely any wind.  This was my first run in warmth, it was nice but felt weird with no hat on. I know its not that warm but just last week it was still freezing cold.  So i did 4 miles and felt great. I didn't plan a route, i just ran, it was lovely to just run where my feet took me, i ran a really random route i never would have plotted. Its nice with that freedom.  I'm so loving Sally.

At mile 1.3 I took a path that i normally cycle along the lake side, and once on it, there is only one 'out' up some steps, but i really wanted to avoid them and run the whole length and up the hill at the end. It would have made a 4-5 mile run but i was okay with that. Unfortunately half way through it got really snowy, in fact up to a foot in places.  So once i got to that set of steps i headed off the lake side path and back up to the streets.  I ran up the steps too.  And Died!!  Back to life after a small breather, i tried to make up the time as i know i slowed down a lot to go through snow and up the steps.  Really wished i had the HR monitor on, but alas.

All in all a fabulous run.
4.01 miles = 40.19

and of course, as i can i will, here are my splits.
8.56  WHAT???

I came home and did 15 minutes of core and arms with a few lunges. I am really trying to do a variety of core stuff to make sure I stay well balanced. I never really worked my back before but i read that you can really mess up your running if you have a strong front but a weak back.  I am adding Supermen to my routine.  I also read that core workouts are best left for every other day, not everyday.  I'm fine with that. 

Happy Running, hope its sunny by you too :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gimmie a F gimme a A gimmie a S gimmie a T

Yeeee Haaaaaa, I am FAST!!!

May I introduce Sally to you all.  I'm sure you have seen her siblings out there. But This Is Sally.  She is a bad ass personal trainer.  She will shout and scream till she is red in the face until you 'finish that set'. She will literally kick your but if you slack on a hill. As a child she was the fat kid, now is is a marathon running triathlete speed machine. If she leans over to stretch, you may see one of her tattoos, same if you shaved her head. All her work out gear is black or red. She will kick your ass, but love you doing it. If you call, spitting in your face as she screams at you to go faster, harder, stronger, longer - love?

So yeah, i got Sally for my birthday (33rd if you were wondering) from Jeff, my ankle feels 80% no, in fact 90% better, so wanted to take sally for her first run. I wanted to do an easy jog, to see how my ankle would feel, i started off nice and slow and eased in to it, though that only took maybe a tenth of a mile.  Then i was off. I had to double and triple and quadruple check as the numbers were sub 10 min mile.  But there it was again and again, i looked and saw 9 15, 9.38, 9.46, and i even saw an 8 a few times, 8.59 probably but it was an 8!  So i'm freaking thrilled.  I thought i ran an 11 min/mile comfortably but that pace is 10!  I have to trust Sallys numbers over anything else and i know these are used by so many people so i suppose i just have to accept the fact that i can run a ten minute mile a hella lot easier than i thought. Yay for good things on your birthday. 

I am icing my ankle right now, as it started to niggle about a mile in.  The run was super fantastic, apart from the obvious sub 10 min/mile, it felt joyous to be outside, in the evening sun, above freezing temps and running.  Buy you know, i think i could have come in from running in the dark and 15 degrees Fahrenheit and said the same thing.  It was just good to run.  I think i missed it.  I know i LOVED it today, and can't wait for tomorrow when i will run longer.

Here were the few stats i got from 2 miles.

Mile 1:   9.32
Mile 2: 10.05
2.2 miles = 19.51 minutes

Avg pace 9.49
Avg speed 6.1 mph
Total calories 250
Avg heart rate 161 bpm
Max HR 173 bpm

So far i have had an awesome birthday.  I had lunch with a friend i don't see that often, i got to run. Tonight Darling Husband is cooking a healthy dinner, so i can have a unhealthy desert - my favourite, carrot cake from Outpost. Oh thank you cake gods for Outposts gf carrot cake - it is amazing.  Unfortunately it is most likely a days worth of calories. And i nearly always eat it all.  But today, even though its my birthday, i will only eat half and save the rest for tomorrows breakfast :)

 Tomorrow i am going to kick ass running and working out, as i don't think i will do much on sunday.  Saturday night brings our leaving party, much food and booze will be consumed.


Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I haven't run since Monday and i am not going to today.  AND IT SUCKS!!  So i set off on monday and as noted i was feeling twinges on my right medial calcaneus, which made me hobble about for a bit.  As well as having to navigate over snow and ice patches.  Eventually it stopped twinging and i ran my 3ish miles.  Later that day my left side starts hurting and its right on the Achilles tendon.  I'm worried.  I iced it, it felt better.  

The next day, it was the same, i iced it and tried not to over stretch it apart from some slow mini stretches to see how it would feel.  It actually felt okay. It wasn't real pain, not the burning that i read about, but i can feel it just niggling.  I am scared its Achilles tendonitis, I am aware how long tendons take to heal and wanted to nip it in the bud right away if it is.  

Yesterday i did some Wii fit. I tried to avoid any jumping stuff, but it was hard. It wasn't painful, again, i could just feel it.  After that 30 minue workout - which was 15 minutes of core stuff anyway, i could feel it more. I iced it again.  

Last night, i was limping when i was out to dinner, my work leaving do, so i iced it again when i got home.  The problem is that i am self diagnosing as i don't have health insurance any longer and i'm not entirely sure what is going on.  I am scared its Achilles tendonitis but it could be a sprain too.  I tried to palpate and do the test for the Achilles tendonitis but it doesn't hurt, unless i grab further round in to my muscles.  Obviously i'm no doctor, as much as i know anatomy and understand the body, i don't know how to palpate appropriately to diagnose.  So i'm just talking an educated guess.

After looking at the miles i've done in week totals, i definitely didn't abide by the 10% rule. In the last week i ran a long 5miles(tue), then did hills(thur) then did tempo(sat) then an easy 3(sun) then the random 3(mon) where i hurt at the beginning.  So maybe that was too much?  Or was it that i was running funny for a little bit on Monday and i pulled something? Grrr. 

Today i haven't really walked any, but i feel it a little bit. I am going to go swimming today and keep all fingers crossed that i can run tomorrow. Its my birthday and I'm getting a Garmin, and i REALLY want to run tomorrow with it.  I also just really want to run, which is still a little weird to me.  The one thing this has brought though, is that i am going to be super careful with mileage increases, increases in training in general, not be so aggressive with hills and speed all at once.  And to make sure i have a really good stretching routine, especially because i wear heels a LOT.

So keep your fingers crossed i feel better tomorrow.

I did have a lovely evening with my old work colleagues last night. It was super they showed up to send me off, with a lovely bunch of flowers and well wishes for my future and travels.  They really are a great bunch of people who i will miss greatly.  

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Flash Back

I use Dailymile to track my workouts, as well as a running log on my ipod and on my Google calender come to think of it.  That seems like a lot now I have listed them, but my calender is my training schedule, DM is actual miles and workouts and Running Log logs just that, runs, not any cross training. So I've noticed I like to see graphs and numbers and thought I should add them here to share with you.

First here we have distance/running/4 weeks

Running in days. 

Running miles in Week.
Week nine is this week and i have a painful heal.

And this is just my cycling miles

Anyone any thoughts on if i over did it?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Live Aide: Run for Water

I have been humming and haa'ing over whether or not to participate in this for a while now and i finally decided i did care enough to do it.  And even try to get sponsors.

As i try to hydrate myself through out the day, i stand up, go to the fridge and pour some water.  With the increase in exercise i am doing, training for this 6K and other running events, my water needs increase.  So i go to the fridge more often.  Its rarely more than 30 feet away from me.

So consider this:

'African women and children walk an average of six kilometres every day just to secure safe drinking water for themselves and their families.'

Can you imagine having to trek 6K (that's 3.7 miles!) just for water?  And consider how heavy it is on that return journey.

'The Dow Live Earth Run for Water seeks to leverage the power of entertainment to ignite a global movement aimed at solving the most critical environmental issues of our time.'

I can not participate in an actual organised event, but i am taking my running gear with me as i backpack Asia and on April 18th, regardless of where i am, I am going to run the 6K.

It will be hot an sweaty and hard, I'm guessing we will be in Vietnam by this point.
But, at least i get to drink endless amounts of water at the end. And I only have to do it once.  Not every. single. day.

Hopefully i will raise some money while I do it, and at the least some awareness.

You can sponsor me here or even join me running and we can make a group sponsorship page. Just let me know.

I will donate 50cents per person who leaves a comment on this post.
I will also donate 50 cents for anyone who reposts this to their blog. Leave an additional comment with link please.

3ish miles and the Zoo

I headed out early-for-me at 8.30AM.  So I have a tender medial heel - apparently!  Not sure what that's all about but i had to hobble a bit at the start of my run, but got in to a rhythm after about half a mile.  That said, i wasn't  really feeling it this morning.

I set out without a plan, took a different way, but an area i know well, i just wanted to go with the flow, see where i ended up (i always pre plan the route).  But my legs were just not so happy to be moving that fast.  They felt heavy.  This is my first experience of heavy legs and now i know what everyone means.  I tried not to think about it and decided that i would just mix it up today. I spotted a smallish hill on route and decided to run hard up it.  Then around the corner once i had recovered, i did some farklets block-stylie.  Ran fast for a block, jogged for recovery for a block. I only did a few of these but it all helps eh.  Then i happened to run down the hill that i did my hill workout on the other day and decided that i should do two repeats as fast i i could bare and still run after.  Success.

I got home and jumped in the shower to get ready for my day out.  Considering how crap i was feeling running, it sure does feel nice to think i got it out of the way, didn't wimp out even with a decent-ish excuse of heel pain, and that i really worked hard to make it not suck.  I think i will pat myself on the back for that one.

I always seem to go to the zoo in the winter.  4 years ago when Laura visited, it was snowing when we were at the Milwaukee Zoo.  Today Lonna and I met at Racine Zoo.

 We had a lovely day out, our last meeting for a while.  I met her through facebook and we became friends. She lives south of Chicago though.  But we tried to meet up as much as we could.

  Racine doesn't really have much to offer, neither did the Zoo.  We wanted to go to the RAM but its Monday and it seems that Monday is the day off in Racine, especially museums.  Hence our trip to the zoo, the pickings are that bad.

 I did find us a lovely lunch spot though; Out of the Pan.  We both had salads and hot drinks to warm our hands.  We then took a walk down Main Street and browsed a few shops.  I will miss our photo-taking outings.