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Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 weeks to a 5k

on march 13th here in milwaukee there is the blarney run. a 5k run or 2k walk. i managed to recruit a friend to join me (we're running!), she's fitter than me as she has been loosing her baby weight, but it will be at least nice to start with someone and have someone there at the end to take a photo of me with the number pasted to my shirt. its sad i know, but i have coveted those numbers for years, years and years. i have never been in any kind of race, apart from school so never had one.

just nipped out at lunch to buy my trainers. i tried on 3 pairs that mr shoe fitter chose, according to what he saw of my feet; bare foot walking, doing a crouch and just stood up. as he correctly diagnosed, i have normal to high arches, and strong feet (as opposed to fallen and flexible). with this diagnosis, i am supposed to wear a more flexible shoe. i bought asics gel-cumulus in a 10.5 in lightening/pool/storm  they are really comfy and available world wide.  why is that worth mentioning?  because you are supposed to wear the same type of shoe once you get used to it, and i will be buying more of these in japan when im ready to run again.  slightly excessive to have two new pairs of running shoes in less than 6 months, esp when i won't have put 500 miles on this pair, but i also don't want to kart around asia, a pair of shoes that i won't wear for two months.

after work im hitting somewhere else to buy some cold weather running gear.  just one set, i can wash and wear them.  until i know that i'm really gonna do this, im trying to not spend too much money.  i really want a garmin 350  (i'm a gadget freak) but i am only gonna allow myself that luxury if i run a half marathon, then i know i'm running seriously enough to warrant that expense. until then, im buying a $5 digital watch off ebay so i can time myself. (finding the link to the garmin, made me just find it for a much lower price than i had come across previously, which makes it harder to resist and may make me change when i can buy myself it - darn!!).

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