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Thursday, January 28, 2010

feelin' good. feelin' sore

yup it happend, i'm sore.  sore mostly in the calves but certainly nothing i can't deal with.  and in fact, it was worse yesterday right after running, and now, this morning, i feel way better than i thought i would.

if only i had known all it would take for me to look forward to and maintain a running regime was to enter a race, my goodness, i would have done it years ago.

i went on my 1st 30 minute run yesterday.  the temperature was 22f/ -6c but feels like 9f/ -14c which is pretty darn cold.  but as previously mentioned, cold is no longer a factor in me going out to run. but 9deg f is really just a tad too cold isn't it? so i decided to try running at the pettit center.  my $4 bought me a track to run around.  the track is around an ice rink which is around a hockey ?rink?  so as you would imagine, though not me, it didn't occur to me at all, its a touch chily in there too.  and you would be right.  thanks goodness i assumed that i would need a long sleeved top to warm up in, as i almost didnt bring anything bar a tshirt.  that would have been a mistake.  yes it was above freezing in there but not by much.  i didn't take off my long sleeved top and was certainly not hot.  it actually made for a not so bad running environment.  one thing that bugged me though, was that there were no changing rooms, or at least, i got directed to the womens loo when i asked where i could change.  kinda nasty, getting changed in a loo, even if i did choose to use the disabled one so i had some room and didn't drop my clothes or ipod down the loo.

so the track is 433m and i ran around it 11 times, (and walked once - half to warm up, half to cool down).  that makes just under 3 miles.  so yesterday, i alomst ran a 5k.  i felt ok. my conversational pace would have been a bit of a huffy conversation, had i anyone to talk to.  but it felt that i maintained the same speed.  and though not really accurate, i ran a ten minute mile.  so the question is, how fast can i get in 6 weeks?

im a little torn though on what to do. the first week of my schedule states i should do a 1 mile jog on saturday. that would be the 4th (active) day of the schedule, and i did copy the schedule from someone in the know and modified it a bit.  but a 1 mile jog is a ten minute run.  that doesn't seem like a lot.  and especially when its a weekend run.  but then i don't want to over do it. i was trying to be really strict with the plan as the one thing i learnt from reading up on training, it to take it easy in the beginning, or you will over do it and want to quit.  well, i can't see myself quitting, i understand that with exercise, sometimes comes pain, and i actually like that, it means you have worked.  so i'm torn, torn between the perhaps a too light schedule and wanting to run more on the weekend but still keeping to my plan.  i'm still rather eager to become a runner, all this working your way up is, well....dragging.    i can be a little inpatient sometimes.

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