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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

good lord, its already 4 days in to the year and one more day passed where i failed to exercise.  i have been feeling blah all day, then a bit chipper, then blahhh.  i would like to point out that its about 7.30pm. but before sitting at my computer to surf, which just because it sounds like exercise, is probably more fattening for you than chocolate cake, that i could easily have had time to workout b4 dinner.  if i were so inclined. blahhh. i got on the scale this morning and saw a bitch of a number. my really not that indulgent festive season hit me hard. that or something just tipped the scale (no pun intended).  yesterday when i weighed in i thought it was just because i did it in the afternoon and not entirely naked. but no, today i was entirely naked. just me and the micro inch of growth of hair. i did it twice to make sure. 159.5 lbs  :(
tomorrow is a new day and a better attitude.

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