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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

did i f up?

ok, so i have been researching training schedules for a half marathon and i'm getting nervous. you see, i can only plan on starting the training after i get back from asia, which is in approximately mid/late june. so looking at a calender, that would give me 12 or 13 weeks to train. a lot of these schedules are suggesting that it takes 18 weeks to start from beginner status, which is where i will be. I just can't see myself running while traveling asia. that said, i will be doing a hell of a lot of walking so i should be somewhat fit, but its not running no is it? i could also do some strength training but again, its not running so really isn't relevant. so, training for my first half marathon in 13 weeks. is it doable? can i do it?
once i pack my rucksack for asia, i may assess whether i could fit in a pair of running shoes and work out gear. i imagine that it would be a nice way to see the cities i will be traveling in, jogging around them. but then there is the scary factor, of not knowing where i am running. but even 15 minutes every second day is giving myself a base to start. and if im somewhere i'm certain its cool to run, i could do more. hubby gets up later than me, and im not sure that will change while traveling, so i could pop out for a run in the morning. that would probably be the only time i could, its gonna be hot hot hot. Or.... i could wait until we are in japan, where everything is a little cooler, and a little safer, buy some running shoes and gear and start then. jeff may leave a little earlier than me, leaving me to run (and sight see) as much as i want to. that would give me a few additional weeks, to get started, build up that base. yes, i like that plan the best. hmm, glad i talked that through, i feel much better. still scared shitless, but positive again, and excited again.

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