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Saturday, January 23, 2010

5k training schedule

as mentioned before, i will be adding an extra week on to this, and really depending on how i feel, it will either be an extra week one or week three.  why?  well i was surprised how easily i ran last night, and this morning im not sore so i did good, stretched after and didn't ever do it.  so i may be too eager to do another week one, but want to double up on a more active week. and 3 is right in the middle. (if you click it it gets bigger)

so today is a rest day, though i won't be getting much rest.  i am helping with a baby shower and after that grabbing dinner with the hubby and a couple of friends and heading to the bucks basketball game.  they will probably loose, or so i'm told, but i don't care that much. its always good to go to a winning game, but its more about just going. before i leave the land of basketball and other sports, i want to go to a few more games etc as i have found in my time here that i do enjoy a good sporting event.

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