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Saturday, January 23, 2010

ninja runner

while purchasing my cold weather running gear, i stumbled across a balaclava (which by the way is a town in Scotland) and i just couldn't resist getting it.  one of my biggest problems with being outside in the cold is that i get ear ache with the slightest breeze.  when i'm on my bike, with ear buds in, a hat over them and then my helmet, my ears still hurt, if its cold enough, and enough is merely cold, like in the 50s.  so when i saw the ninja hood, i just had to get it.  and boy did it work! with the temp being barely above freezing-its 33 deg-i didn't think i'd be so warm.  i wore two cold weather underarmor tops, my compression cold weather tights, also underarmour and a pair of synthetic jogga bottoms. and of course my new shoes.  and guess what.  i had a really enjoyable run. and it was my first!

i donned my gear and i think i look like a ninja, and even the kids down the street said so as i ran by. this photo shows my new tights, though  i doubt i will run in these alone, tonight i added purple bottoms, and i will probably buy a running skirt to cover my bum when it gets a little warmer.

because ninjas also walk like egyptians.

so, i started off going up hill due to my chosen route, its a 2 mile circuit.  i took it really easy and ran for a full 5 minutes without needing to stop. i walked for maybe 30-40 seconds and off again. i ran probably 80% of the way until i had done 20 minutes.  i had to force myself to walk the last section, it was an up hill and i had been running for 20 minutes so didn't want to over do it. also i used it as my cool down, and i did cool down, once i stopped running it got a little chillier, but surprisingly i wasn't too uncomfortable.  i realise 20 minutes of running is no indication really, but i love my shoes and really love the tights. i loved that it held my wobbly ass in place and of course the warmth.

but most of all, i just can't believe how much i enjoyed going out and running tonight.  i really do dislike being out in the cold, and have never really enjoyed running in the past so i'm pleasantly surprised and eagerly wait until i can run again.  so to reiterate as i'm so shocked:

i went in the dark.
when its cold.
with snow on the ground.
when it felt like freezing and was barely above.
with no music
and i enjoyed it!

it ocurs to me that i do enjoy wathcing football in bitter cold conditions; beer freezing cold, i think it was -13f on one occasion, and i always chose to go to cold games.  also snowboarding and waterskiing even.  so there are times when fun is most definitely worth the shivers.  so, from right now, cold is not a barrier from a run.  i will be living in a not so warm country, so get used to it.

 i actually wrote out my schedule today starting february 1st, but will just double up on week one or three fixing my mis-calculation.  sunday would normally be a rest day, but i want to run in the daytime, so i'm running!

i cant upload it right now for some reason so it will come on a later post.

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