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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i spent the day researching our snowboarding trip (yeah, work was super slow).  hubby says he wants to board for only 2 days but i think i have to do 3 or its not worth the whole expensive trip.  but i have to be fitter to get 3 days worth.  i don't want to spend the $80 on that days pass and not really get good use out of it.

also today, i got on the scale to a nice little 155.5lbs.  that made me feel better, until i was checking out the back of my hair and noticed that i have significant back fat.  it wasn't cos i was twisted, just coz i'm currently a tad fat.  i don't have an unrealistic view of my body. i know exactly how fat and thin i am. i feel good in most clothes but like crap naked.  this doesn't help me exercise to loose weight, as i'm mostly in clothes and not feeling that bad about how i look. and at 5'7" 155lbs isn't really bad. but i could easily loose 15lbs and still be healthy.

so i'm gonna get my wii fit out tonight and do some snowboarding on there. i think i have it, if not skiing i think.  and the hula hoop game is rather addictive and exactly what i need to train my abs for boarding. so this is day one of snowboard training.

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