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Monday, January 11, 2010

1 of 4

tonight is wii night. i bought batteries so plan to do, i dunno, something involving sweating. i also have a ton of cooking to do. im making a garlic kale tamale tart. it looks good and the base is gf without changing anything, and it looks like a quiche so im rather excited. i miss quiche. though its not the healthiest of meals, i will make up for it with the wii.
i have been very good and used the stairs a lot. all the way up to the 8th floor in Columbia hospital 137 steps, then down then another 200ish in other hospitals. and once when i got in a lift and pressed 4, it occurred to me what i was doing so dashed out of it and took the stairs. i also did some lunges today while waiting for a patient. im hoping that the little things really do add up. but yes, i will also do the big things.
this week i aim to do 4 days of sweating, this is day one

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