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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

inspiring reads

i find that reading about people that have lost weight or loosing weight, folks that exercise regulary, is inspiring to me, and helps me keep 'the healthy life' at the forefront of my brain. i subscribe to shape magazine, which i generally read cover to cover, in one or two sittings.  i love the tips, new exercises, recipes and most of all those weight loss stories.  i also read a few blogs about sports, as mentioned before chicrunner is very motivating.  yesterday i came across in which tyler is tracking his 150pound weight loss. he lost 125lbs in the first year. he is so down to earth, and is very realistic in how he achieves and will maintain his weight loss. which is plain and simple, use more calories than you eat. he eats what he wants, but does the workout to counter balance it. he says that he naurally choses more healthy food now, but will still eat those fries is he wants to.  i like this guy.  i can't seem to change what i eat.  i did manage to change the portion size last year, but i think i reverted back.  need to start that again, as it did make a difference.  especially in my head, just knowing that i ate less was worth eating less for. portion control has always been a problem for me.

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