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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i wii'd

i'm so happy my abs hurt this morning.  i managed 30 minutes of cardio with my personal trainer: wii and 'my fitness coach'.  i love how you can put just a 15 minute workout in there and when your done, as you're always ready for more, you can change it up, add another exercise and start to sweat once more.  i did 15 mins of areobic lower body cardio then 15 minutes of core cardio. and i feel it. i was working hard. 
i've started recording classes on tv, so far there is a dance show.  lets see how tiring dancing in 4 square foot can be.  i have a very liimited space to work out.  i can manage one grapevine, but only 2 stpes forward before i'm hitting the tv.  it won't stop me though, now i have started, im all go!

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