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Sunday, January 17, 2010

pat on the back, a little one.

its 11AM on sunday and if i manage to exercise today i will have overstepped my goals of doing 4 days this week and making it 5.  i did some wii fitting cardio and core strength on thursday.   i used one of those dance fit tv shows on friday, which i have to say was a tad boring, it was 15 minutes once the commercials had been ffw'd and i didn't really feel like i was dancing, not in the fun way. it was all about stepping side to side and rotating your hips.  i'm sure its actually good for your waist line and abs, but there are better ways most definitely. so i added more wii to that day.  yesterday i did 30 minutes of P90X yoga. I really liked it, its 1.30 mins in total but i just wanted to get on worth other things and was happy i did 30 minutes.  i need a proper yoga mat though as my feet slide off my towel.  i will consider it.  so in summary, i will try to workout today but i feel some what accumplised that i did 4 days.

now for this weeks goals.  i will stick to the 4 day goal, but this time i want to increase the time each day to 45 minutes.  i only did 30 minutes each day apart from thursday with the additional dance tv show, where i did 45 minutes.  and one more goal, do do one whole hour of p90x yoga..

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