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Thursday, January 7, 2010

boxing champion

day one had a few bumps in the road.  first, my batteries were dead for the wii remote, so i have to steal from the cat lazer toy. then i find they were also dead in the wii fit.  i could steal them from all the remotes, but i decided it can wait.  instead i did some wii boxing. winner!!!  i hurt today.  yay for pain!  its the only pain i like and desire.  and its not that i like it, just what it means.  i was hoping to feel more in my abs from all the ducking and weaving. but not today, today its just my arms really.  i like it when i drive around a corner and can feel all my abs and side muscles ache, thats a good day.
i almost forgot my ny's resolution today.  the one about always always taking the stairs.  as i approached the lift in st lukes hospital i remember, spin around and start the climb to the tenth floor. (okay i can't lie, i started on the 2nd floor but they are big floors) i am ashamed how slow i got as i hit the 8th and 9th floors.  but i felt pretty good after for doing it.  down was of course, easy.
i have dinner cooking, some beef stew. not too unhealthy.  and in the mean time, i hope i can squeeze in some ab work, maybe some lunges.  today was a 155.5lb day.

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