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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

new things

i do think its important to have the right gear to do something well. i have trainers, though not old, not new either, and they are half a size too small. they didnt feel it in the shop, but after being in them i notice my right big toe is sticking up against the end and deforms the shoe. so that would be too small then. but i really don't want to buy size US 11/UK 9. my feet shrank in 2000 and i want to keep them a size 10 god damn it. but for the love running, ok so i dont love it, yet, i will go get some expert advice and buy some proper running shoes that are the best ones for me, not just the best looking ones.

its winter, if you hadn't noticed, and it's darn cold in milwaukee in winter. i'm not a lover of cold, not one bit. except when going to watch the packers at lambeau feild, then it has to be cold or it just ain't right!  if i'm outside in the cold for anything more than a few minutes and the cold seeps in, my upper back tightens up, my neck and shoulders are all so tense you could break 4x4s on my back. and it can take an age for me to warm up too, for the heat to penetrate the bone marrow, once again, takes a while. our house is set at 70deg, and sometimes, well every night, i'm under the blanket. even in summer when the ac is set at 70 in the house, i'm under the blanket. so getting home in the dark and cold and leaving the house to run in the cold is not gonna happen an attractive option. the more attractive option is to plop down in front of the computer and surf, read running blogs and post to mine about not exercising once again.

but i'm not gonna run a half marathon with that attitude now am i?

so without further ado, i will procure all possible necessary gear, shoes, tights?, jogga bottoms, socks, reflective stuff, and some gloves; yes gloves especially to run in, hmm what else, i have hats galore, so i think thats it. i will come home, not even look at my computer, get changed and brave the cold. as long as its above 28 degrees i'm going out there (yeah thats still fecking freezing, but if i say above freezing, i may never run until i leave this country). except tonight, as i have to bowl in the league that i no longer bowl in. but perhaps i can go shopping first, yeah that sounds like fun. double fun, shopping and bowling, i love bowling but as much as folks claim it to be a sport, if i can drink as much as i do and still perform, it ain't no sport!

so looking at the next ten day forecast, the weather fits in to my plan as there is no day that is supposed to be less thn 29deg.  sunday is even above freezing at 4C/39F but with a chance of showers. so if i miss the showers, its a good day.

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