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Saturday, January 30, 2010

PRE =7-8

yesterday was another cold one, where i had to run inside. so i decided to work on incresing my lung capacity.  i did 20 minutes of circuits, sprinting then recovering.  though did slow to just a fast run after a few times, as i felt it would benefit more if a ran longer, it was still faster than i normally run, about a 7 or 8 on the 'perceived rate of exertion' or 'pre' table.  i could do about 15 seconds of this running pace and then walked for maybe 30-45.  it ended up that per lap was: run walk run walk, and its just less than a 1/4 mile track.  i then jogged a lap, did a few minutes of lunge walking and a lap walking to cool down.  

i spent a long time reading info on running at work on friday, it was a slow day, and i found that running, or rather jogging, really doesn't engage your glutes that much.  sprinting does, as its forced and powerful, but an easy jog isn't that good for you're ass.  hence me adding some lunge walking in to my workout.  as much as i hate lunges and squats, i will keep doing them coz they work.

today its snowing. but at least its warmer than yesterday.  i'm hoping that some folks get out on the paths and melt the snow for me, i'm a little scared of slipping in it, and i can't think of a quiet road that i would want to run on, and if its that quiet, then cars wouldn't have cleared the snow for me either.  but i am most definitely going out in it, so we will see.

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