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Monday, January 25, 2010

runnin' on empty

after my usual sunday three cups of coffee, i headed out for todays twenty minutes.  it didn't ocur to me before shutting the door on the way out to check the weather, and it was spitting just a bit.  but i don't mind light drizzle so it didn't stop me.  i was rocking it ninja again, so didn't even notice it.  the run was a little harder today, a few minutes in i realised i had, in fact forgotten to eat breakfast.  most days i wake up hungry, and eat with in 30 minutes of getting up.  but some weekend days i just don't, not sure why, i'm still always hungry i just don't get round to it. and today was one of those days. i was up at 7.45 and was out running at 10.30...*belly grumble*

...but anyway, i didn't have fuel and i hope that that was the reason it feel harder today.  so i didn't enjoy it quite as much but it still felt good coz i was out there doing it.  i even took off my ninja disguise at one point, for it was so warm.  it was a balmy 43f /6c, the  snow was melting, which although sounds good has its con's.  namely that its a mess to run in, there were half block patches of path under water.  but i do hope it continues to melt. not having to avoid ice when running in the dark would be a big bonus.

i love my under armour so much i took a trip to the outlet mall in kenosha which has an under armour store.  i got a pair of running tights, two tops and some jogga bottoms/sweatpants.  they were my luxury item, i don't have a full length pair but never go in store and think to buy them.  but they were right there and really nice.  i actually put them on when i got home, they were calling my name.

i was allowed that little splurge because i decided that its too much money to go to colorado snowboarding before we leave.  as sad as it makes me.  but i have a plan that will allow us to go in the next three to four years and i'm content with that.  i have presidents day off work so i'm thinking of going somewhere local for the day.  i have to get at least one more adrenalin filled day, if not two, before i go. i won't ever be as close to a hill as i am here.

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