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Monday, January 18, 2010

omg i just signed up to do a half marathon!

yes thats right, a half marathon!!  its the great north run held in newcastle, uk, and is in september.  unfortunatly its a ballot draw so may not even get in, but now i have taken that plunge and signed up, if i don't get in to that one, i will do the bradford half marathon instead. i find out on feb 12th (ish). i have already printed a recommended training plan, its 16 weeks and is for someone that has no running base. it recommneds doing a 10k race at somepoint so i'm researching where i can do that.   so i get back from my travels in aisa, and right away, i start my training.  i'm really quite excited!  i also wonder if i can get a race in before i leave here?  there's a race on march 13th, a 5k which if i continue with my exercise, i don't see why i couldn't run that.  also, my mum runs the race for life, so i will join her for that 5k in july in my home town scarborough, which will be cool, to run with my mum.  right now, she can run further than me. but i plan to change that!
ok, now on to some inspirational reading.

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