New to Triathlons, New to Shropshire. An Orthotist tracks her training with a love of spreadsheets, graphs, photos and prose.

My Goals

Its a new year, I think some new Goals are in order.

1. Compete in a sprint and standard length Triathlon
2. A sub 2 hour half marathon
3. Shed about a stone (14lbs/6kg) OR
     get in to a size UK 10/USA 6 which ever comes first (as weight isn't really the issue here)
4. Maintain a strength routine - particularly upper body.

Original Goals of this blog and 2010

1. Make exercise a regular thing in my life.
2. Compete in a race, either running or cycling.
3. Loose some belly fat.
4. Cook more healthy meals.
5. Bake more. learn to make tasty gluten free breads and cake, and eat them in moderation.
6. Always, always take the steps.
7. Remember every little counts.

or the actual post is here.
Or reviewing these goals.