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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1

I'm on holiday this week.  Its lovely to have time off at home.  I love my job, i have mentioned this before and i'm likely to say it again too.  Its a great job.  But its also nice to be on holiday away from it too.  I chose my career because of its artistic and somandric* nature.  I have always enjoyed making things.  I used to make my own clothes - not very well, but i still wore them.  Actually, i say i have always been, but really, my memory is so very poor, i find it difficult to remember much of my childhood so really i am referring to my teens and older.  I have also always been interested in anything related to the human body and its functions.

Aspiring to become a silver smith, fashion designer, interior designer, garden designer, architect, handbag designer, greeting card maker and long distance truck driver, i ended up being an Orthotist.  Yes, i said a long distance truck driver.  After a trip to California at thirteen seeing those chrome adorned trucks, big enough to live in, housing a mini life on shiny wheels.  I wanted to cross the extensive barren country, stopping in dusty towns, eating apple pie in roadside diners with tumble weed blowing by.  Moving on to high-reaching cities, bustling streets and fast-food giants on every corner (not that i ever really aspired to eat at them). I wanted to sleep in my truck and drive the country over and over and over.  But mostly it was the chrome of the trucks.

But i ended up an Orthotist.  
And i'm really freaking glad too.

And i'm glad i'm on holiday.  Sitting at home, not feeling like i have to go somewhere to really make use of the time.  When working in America, i never felt this relaxed with taking time off at home.  In fact, i NEVER took time off to be at home.  With such a ridiculously pitiful amount of annual leave, there were no relaxing at home days. I would make every hour of those holidays work for me. I would always schedule my flights in the evening and work that day. I would fly home arriving late and work the next day.  No time at home to regroup.  But now, with 28 days a year as opposed to 15 (i negotiated a extra 5 days - i should have got 10 for the first 5 years - how anyone manages on ten i have no idea!) i sit here after quite a productive day; house viewings, a bit of shopping and an eight mile run quite content.   Tomorrow i plan on doing nothing more than a bike ride and making a blouse (we will see how that goes - just coz nothings planned...).  I have had the fabric for ages, and now its time to sew.

NaBloPoMo : Somandric - Pertaining to the human body.

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