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Monday, March 7, 2011

The word is Result!

The official result is only one second faster than my timed result.
The result of running a HM and thinking  you can do a sub 2hr after seeing you have only 3 miles to go and only 1:35 has passed, is the pain i have every time i try to stand, try to climb stairs and try to stand up from a crouch - which with my job happens all the time apparently - who knew!
The result of my HM is exactly the same, to the second, as Fearne Cotton's (BBC radio 1 DJ) HM she ran yesterday in Bath.  (i really want to do that one, its flat and fast)

The result of a small hole in my arm - one pint of dark red blood donated.
The result,  saving a life, satisfaction and a packet of crisps.
The result of getting my bike out to go to work - 10 minutes off my travel time, ten minutes extra in bed.
The result of the first day back to work when the week off was spent close to home: like i was never gone.

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