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Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday, lazy sunday.

saturdays run was a little tougher than i had hoped, i did have to walk a couple of times.  there was snow on the ground and for certain portions i ran on the edges of the path on the leaves and frozen ground, which though not nice on the ankles due to uneven ground, i didn't slip at any point.  my calves got tired quickly, which i assume is from the lack of rest day, as friday is also a running day.  but i did tack on a 1/4 mile extra to push myself.  my schedule said to do a 1 mile jog but as i said before i feel i under estimated myself so i ended up doing a 2.29m jog, and glad i did.  in all honesty, the energy spent getting all my cold gear clothes on, those skinny fitting tights and compression tops, balaclava, gloves, gilet and ipod, is so much effort, that a ten minute jog isn't worth it. there is no way im coming back sooner than 30 minutes after that mammoth donning task!!  so i plan to change my schedule and increase by 5minutes or .5mile every saturday, continuing to work on my speed and strength through out the week. 
my mother-in-law spends her time between west palm beach and milwaukee, and while here, she rents a place with a pool. a nice big pool. a pool where you actually have to swim to the other end not just push off and glide like a penguin, though i'm as graceful in water as they are out of water.  so i plan to use that on sundays for my cross training. and maybe even after work sometime.
today i have been truly lazy.  i have spent most of the day in front of the pc reading running related blogs.  i have made a quiche which i am testing if you can steam.  its a long story, but i will let you know. adventures of gf crust making.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

PRE =7-8

yesterday was another cold one, where i had to run inside. so i decided to work on incresing my lung capacity.  i did 20 minutes of circuits, sprinting then recovering.  though did slow to just a fast run after a few times, as i felt it would benefit more if a ran longer, it was still faster than i normally run, about a 7 or 8 on the 'perceived rate of exertion' or 'pre' table.  i could do about 15 seconds of this running pace and then walked for maybe 30-45.  it ended up that per lap was: run walk run walk, and its just less than a 1/4 mile track.  i then jogged a lap, did a few minutes of lunge walking and a lap walking to cool down.  

i spent a long time reading info on running at work on friday, it was a slow day, and i found that running, or rather jogging, really doesn't engage your glutes that much.  sprinting does, as its forced and powerful, but an easy jog isn't that good for you're ass.  hence me adding some lunge walking in to my workout.  as much as i hate lunges and squats, i will keep doing them coz they work.

today its snowing. but at least its warmer than yesterday.  i'm hoping that some folks get out on the paths and melt the snow for me, i'm a little scared of slipping in it, and i can't think of a quiet road that i would want to run on, and if its that quiet, then cars wouldn't have cleared the snow for me either.  but i am most definitely going out in it, so we will see.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

i'm bored at work and i wanna run!

feelin' good. feelin' sore

yup it happend, i'm sore.  sore mostly in the calves but certainly nothing i can't deal with.  and in fact, it was worse yesterday right after running, and now, this morning, i feel way better than i thought i would.

if only i had known all it would take for me to look forward to and maintain a running regime was to enter a race, my goodness, i would have done it years ago.

i went on my 1st 30 minute run yesterday.  the temperature was 22f/ -6c but feels like 9f/ -14c which is pretty darn cold.  but as previously mentioned, cold is no longer a factor in me going out to run. but 9deg f is really just a tad too cold isn't it? so i decided to try running at the pettit center.  my $4 bought me a track to run around.  the track is around an ice rink which is around a hockey ?rink?  so as you would imagine, though not me, it didn't occur to me at all, its a touch chily in there too.  and you would be right.  thanks goodness i assumed that i would need a long sleeved top to warm up in, as i almost didnt bring anything bar a tshirt.  that would have been a mistake.  yes it was above freezing in there but not by much.  i didn't take off my long sleeved top and was certainly not hot.  it actually made for a not so bad running environment.  one thing that bugged me though, was that there were no changing rooms, or at least, i got directed to the womens loo when i asked where i could change.  kinda nasty, getting changed in a loo, even if i did choose to use the disabled one so i had some room and didn't drop my clothes or ipod down the loo.

so the track is 433m and i ran around it 11 times, (and walked once - half to warm up, half to cool down).  that makes just under 3 miles.  so yesterday, i alomst ran a 5k.  i felt ok. my conversational pace would have been a bit of a huffy conversation, had i anyone to talk to.  but it felt that i maintained the same speed.  and though not really accurate, i ran a ten minute mile.  so the question is, how fast can i get in 6 weeks?

im a little torn though on what to do. the first week of my schedule states i should do a 1 mile jog on saturday. that would be the 4th (active) day of the schedule, and i did copy the schedule from someone in the know and modified it a bit.  but a 1 mile jog is a ten minute run.  that doesn't seem like a lot.  and especially when its a weekend run.  but then i don't want to over do it. i was trying to be really strict with the plan as the one thing i learnt from reading up on training, it to take it easy in the beginning, or you will over do it and want to quit.  well, i can't see myself quitting, i understand that with exercise, sometimes comes pain, and i actually like that, it means you have worked.  so i'm torn, torn between the perhaps a too light schedule and wanting to run more on the weekend but still keeping to my plan.  i'm still rather eager to become a runner, all this working your way up is, well....dragging.    i can be a little inpatient sometimes.

Monday, January 25, 2010

runnin' on empty

after my usual sunday three cups of coffee, i headed out for todays twenty minutes.  it didn't ocur to me before shutting the door on the way out to check the weather, and it was spitting just a bit.  but i don't mind light drizzle so it didn't stop me.  i was rocking it ninja again, so didn't even notice it.  the run was a little harder today, a few minutes in i realised i had, in fact forgotten to eat breakfast.  most days i wake up hungry, and eat with in 30 minutes of getting up.  but some weekend days i just don't, not sure why, i'm still always hungry i just don't get round to it. and today was one of those days. i was up at 7.45 and was out running at 10.30...*belly grumble*

...but anyway, i didn't have fuel and i hope that that was the reason it feel harder today.  so i didn't enjoy it quite as much but it still felt good coz i was out there doing it.  i even took off my ninja disguise at one point, for it was so warm.  it was a balmy 43f /6c, the  snow was melting, which although sounds good has its con's.  namely that its a mess to run in, there were half block patches of path under water.  but i do hope it continues to melt. not having to avoid ice when running in the dark would be a big bonus.

i love my under armour so much i took a trip to the outlet mall in kenosha which has an under armour store.  i got a pair of running tights, two tops and some jogga bottoms/sweatpants.  they were my luxury item, i don't have a full length pair but never go in store and think to buy them.  but they were right there and really nice.  i actually put them on when i got home, they were calling my name.

i was allowed that little splurge because i decided that its too much money to go to colorado snowboarding before we leave.  as sad as it makes me.  but i have a plan that will allow us to go in the next three to four years and i'm content with that.  i have presidents day off work so i'm thinking of going somewhere local for the day.  i have to get at least one more adrenalin filled day, if not two, before i go. i won't ever be as close to a hill as i am here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

5k training schedule

as mentioned before, i will be adding an extra week on to this, and really depending on how i feel, it will either be an extra week one or week three.  why?  well i was surprised how easily i ran last night, and this morning im not sore so i did good, stretched after and didn't ever do it.  so i may be too eager to do another week one, but want to double up on a more active week. and 3 is right in the middle. (if you click it it gets bigger)

so today is a rest day, though i won't be getting much rest.  i am helping with a baby shower and after that grabbing dinner with the hubby and a couple of friends and heading to the bucks basketball game.  they will probably loose, or so i'm told, but i don't care that much. its always good to go to a winning game, but its more about just going. before i leave the land of basketball and other sports, i want to go to a few more games etc as i have found in my time here that i do enjoy a good sporting event.

ninja runner

while purchasing my cold weather running gear, i stumbled across a balaclava (which by the way is a town in Scotland) and i just couldn't resist getting it.  one of my biggest problems with being outside in the cold is that i get ear ache with the slightest breeze.  when i'm on my bike, with ear buds in, a hat over them and then my helmet, my ears still hurt, if its cold enough, and enough is merely cold, like in the 50s.  so when i saw the ninja hood, i just had to get it.  and boy did it work! with the temp being barely above freezing-its 33 deg-i didn't think i'd be so warm.  i wore two cold weather underarmor tops, my compression cold weather tights, also underarmour and a pair of synthetic jogga bottoms. and of course my new shoes.  and guess what.  i had a really enjoyable run. and it was my first!

i donned my gear and i think i look like a ninja, and even the kids down the street said so as i ran by. this photo shows my new tights, though  i doubt i will run in these alone, tonight i added purple bottoms, and i will probably buy a running skirt to cover my bum when it gets a little warmer.

because ninjas also walk like egyptians.

so, i started off going up hill due to my chosen route, its a 2 mile circuit.  i took it really easy and ran for a full 5 minutes without needing to stop. i walked for maybe 30-40 seconds and off again. i ran probably 80% of the way until i had done 20 minutes.  i had to force myself to walk the last section, it was an up hill and i had been running for 20 minutes so didn't want to over do it. also i used it as my cool down, and i did cool down, once i stopped running it got a little chillier, but surprisingly i wasn't too uncomfortable.  i realise 20 minutes of running is no indication really, but i love my shoes and really love the tights. i loved that it held my wobbly ass in place and of course the warmth.

but most of all, i just can't believe how much i enjoyed going out and running tonight.  i really do dislike being out in the cold, and have never really enjoyed running in the past so i'm pleasantly surprised and eagerly wait until i can run again.  so to reiterate as i'm so shocked:

i went in the dark.
when its cold.
with snow on the ground.
when it felt like freezing and was barely above.
with no music
and i enjoyed it!

it ocurs to me that i do enjoy wathcing football in bitter cold conditions; beer freezing cold, i think it was -13f on one occasion, and i always chose to go to cold games.  also snowboarding and waterskiing even.  so there are times when fun is most definitely worth the shivers.  so, from right now, cold is not a barrier from a run.  i will be living in a not so warm country, so get used to it.

 i actually wrote out my schedule today starting february 1st, but will just double up on week one or three fixing my mis-calculation.  sunday would normally be a rest day, but i want to run in the daytime, so i'm running!

i cant upload it right now for some reason so it will come on a later post.

Friday, January 22, 2010

collection of inspirational phrases found on blogs i read

"at the end of the day, it's a hobby for most of us. something we're supposed to actually enjoy. the physiological benefits of [running] is simply a by-product of breaking a sweat and getting the heart going. it should never be the other way around. remember that the next time you lace up."  billy   aka l.a.runner

"now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. you have to make the mind run the body. never let the body tell the mind what to do. the body will always give up. it is always tired in the morning, no...on, and night. but the body is never tired if the mind is not tired."   george s. patton, 1912 olympian

"let’s stop focusing on what we’ve done and focus on what we want to do."  tyler of
most posts by Danica have a little inspirtaion, some a whole lot.  But if you really want to get an idea of who she is, and a feel of her blog, this post has it all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 weeks to a 5k

on march 13th here in milwaukee there is the blarney run. a 5k run or 2k walk. i managed to recruit a friend to join me (we're running!), she's fitter than me as she has been loosing her baby weight, but it will be at least nice to start with someone and have someone there at the end to take a photo of me with the number pasted to my shirt. its sad i know, but i have coveted those numbers for years, years and years. i have never been in any kind of race, apart from school so never had one.

just nipped out at lunch to buy my trainers. i tried on 3 pairs that mr shoe fitter chose, according to what he saw of my feet; bare foot walking, doing a crouch and just stood up. as he correctly diagnosed, i have normal to high arches, and strong feet (as opposed to fallen and flexible). with this diagnosis, i am supposed to wear a more flexible shoe. i bought asics gel-cumulus in a 10.5 in lightening/pool/storm  they are really comfy and available world wide.  why is that worth mentioning?  because you are supposed to wear the same type of shoe once you get used to it, and i will be buying more of these in japan when im ready to run again.  slightly excessive to have two new pairs of running shoes in less than 6 months, esp when i won't have put 500 miles on this pair, but i also don't want to kart around asia, a pair of shoes that i won't wear for two months.

after work im hitting somewhere else to buy some cold weather running gear.  just one set, i can wash and wear them.  until i know that i'm really gonna do this, im trying to not spend too much money.  i really want a garmin 350  (i'm a gadget freak) but i am only gonna allow myself that luxury if i run a half marathon, then i know i'm running seriously enough to warrant that expense. until then, im buying a $5 digital watch off ebay so i can time myself. (finding the link to the garmin, made me just find it for a much lower price than i had come across previously, which makes it harder to resist and may make me change when i can buy myself it - darn!!).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

new things

i do think its important to have the right gear to do something well. i have trainers, though not old, not new either, and they are half a size too small. they didnt feel it in the shop, but after being in them i notice my right big toe is sticking up against the end and deforms the shoe. so that would be too small then. but i really don't want to buy size US 11/UK 9. my feet shrank in 2000 and i want to keep them a size 10 god damn it. but for the love running, ok so i dont love it, yet, i will go get some expert advice and buy some proper running shoes that are the best ones for me, not just the best looking ones.

its winter, if you hadn't noticed, and it's darn cold in milwaukee in winter. i'm not a lover of cold, not one bit. except when going to watch the packers at lambeau feild, then it has to be cold or it just ain't right!  if i'm outside in the cold for anything more than a few minutes and the cold seeps in, my upper back tightens up, my neck and shoulders are all so tense you could break 4x4s on my back. and it can take an age for me to warm up too, for the heat to penetrate the bone marrow, once again, takes a while. our house is set at 70deg, and sometimes, well every night, i'm under the blanket. even in summer when the ac is set at 70 in the house, i'm under the blanket. so getting home in the dark and cold and leaving the house to run in the cold is not gonna happen an attractive option. the more attractive option is to plop down in front of the computer and surf, read running blogs and post to mine about not exercising once again.

but i'm not gonna run a half marathon with that attitude now am i?

so without further ado, i will procure all possible necessary gear, shoes, tights?, jogga bottoms, socks, reflective stuff, and some gloves; yes gloves especially to run in, hmm what else, i have hats galore, so i think thats it. i will come home, not even look at my computer, get changed and brave the cold. as long as its above 28 degrees i'm going out there (yeah thats still fecking freezing, but if i say above freezing, i may never run until i leave this country). except tonight, as i have to bowl in the league that i no longer bowl in. but perhaps i can go shopping first, yeah that sounds like fun. double fun, shopping and bowling, i love bowling but as much as folks claim it to be a sport, if i can drink as much as i do and still perform, it ain't no sport!

so looking at the next ten day forecast, the weather fits in to my plan as there is no day that is supposed to be less thn 29deg.  sunday is even above freezing at 4C/39F but with a chance of showers. so if i miss the showers, its a good day.

did i f up?

ok, so i have been researching training schedules for a half marathon and i'm getting nervous. you see, i can only plan on starting the training after i get back from asia, which is in approximately mid/late june. so looking at a calender, that would give me 12 or 13 weeks to train. a lot of these schedules are suggesting that it takes 18 weeks to start from beginner status, which is where i will be. I just can't see myself running while traveling asia. that said, i will be doing a hell of a lot of walking so i should be somewhat fit, but its not running no is it? i could also do some strength training but again, its not running so really isn't relevant. so, training for my first half marathon in 13 weeks. is it doable? can i do it?
once i pack my rucksack for asia, i may assess whether i could fit in a pair of running shoes and work out gear. i imagine that it would be a nice way to see the cities i will be traveling in, jogging around them. but then there is the scary factor, of not knowing where i am running. but even 15 minutes every second day is giving myself a base to start. and if im somewhere i'm certain its cool to run, i could do more. hubby gets up later than me, and im not sure that will change while traveling, so i could pop out for a run in the morning. that would probably be the only time i could, its gonna be hot hot hot. Or.... i could wait until we are in japan, where everything is a little cooler, and a little safer, buy some running shoes and gear and start then. jeff may leave a little earlier than me, leaving me to run (and sight see) as much as i want to. that would give me a few additional weeks, to get started, build up that base. yes, i like that plan the best. hmm, glad i talked that through, i feel much better. still scared shitless, but positive again, and excited again.

Monday, January 18, 2010

omg i just signed up to do a half marathon!

yes thats right, a half marathon!!  its the great north run held in newcastle, uk, and is in september.  unfortunatly its a ballot draw so may not even get in, but now i have taken that plunge and signed up, if i don't get in to that one, i will do the bradford half marathon instead. i find out on feb 12th (ish). i have already printed a recommended training plan, its 16 weeks and is for someone that has no running base. it recommneds doing a 10k race at somepoint so i'm researching where i can do that.   so i get back from my travels in aisa, and right away, i start my training.  i'm really quite excited!  i also wonder if i can get a race in before i leave here?  there's a race on march 13th, a 5k which if i continue with my exercise, i don't see why i couldn't run that.  also, my mum runs the race for life, so i will join her for that 5k in july in my home town scarborough, which will be cool, to run with my mum.  right now, she can run further than me. but i plan to change that!
ok, now on to some inspirational reading.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

pat on the back, a little one.

its 11AM on sunday and if i manage to exercise today i will have overstepped my goals of doing 4 days this week and making it 5.  i did some wii fitting cardio and core strength on thursday.   i used one of those dance fit tv shows on friday, which i have to say was a tad boring, it was 15 minutes once the commercials had been ffw'd and i didn't really feel like i was dancing, not in the fun way. it was all about stepping side to side and rotating your hips.  i'm sure its actually good for your waist line and abs, but there are better ways most definitely. so i added more wii to that day.  yesterday i did 30 minutes of P90X yoga. I really liked it, its 1.30 mins in total but i just wanted to get on worth other things and was happy i did 30 minutes.  i need a proper yoga mat though as my feet slide off my towel.  i will consider it.  so in summary, i will try to workout today but i feel some what accumplised that i did 4 days.

now for this weeks goals.  i will stick to the 4 day goal, but this time i want to increase the time each day to 45 minutes.  i only did 30 minutes each day apart from thursday with the additional dance tv show, where i did 45 minutes.  and one more goal, do do one whole hour of p90x yoga..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

inspiring reads

i find that reading about people that have lost weight or loosing weight, folks that exercise regulary, is inspiring to me, and helps me keep 'the healthy life' at the forefront of my brain. i subscribe to shape magazine, which i generally read cover to cover, in one or two sittings.  i love the tips, new exercises, recipes and most of all those weight loss stories.  i also read a few blogs about sports, as mentioned before chicrunner is very motivating.  yesterday i came across in which tyler is tracking his 150pound weight loss. he lost 125lbs in the first year. he is so down to earth, and is very realistic in how he achieves and will maintain his weight loss. which is plain and simple, use more calories than you eat. he eats what he wants, but does the workout to counter balance it. he says that he naurally choses more healthy food now, but will still eat those fries is he wants to.  i like this guy.  i can't seem to change what i eat.  i did manage to change the portion size last year, but i think i reverted back.  need to start that again, as it did make a difference.  especially in my head, just knowing that i ate less was worth eating less for. portion control has always been a problem for me.

i wii'd

i'm so happy my abs hurt this morning.  i managed 30 minutes of cardio with my personal trainer: wii and 'my fitness coach'.  i love how you can put just a 15 minute workout in there and when your done, as you're always ready for more, you can change it up, add another exercise and start to sweat once more.  i did 15 mins of areobic lower body cardio then 15 minutes of core cardio. and i feel it. i was working hard. 
i've started recording classes on tv, so far there is a dance show.  lets see how tiring dancing in 4 square foot can be.  i have a very liimited space to work out.  i can manage one grapevine, but only 2 stpes forward before i'm hitting the tv.  it won't stop me though, now i have started, im all go!

Monday, January 11, 2010

1 of 4

tonight is wii night. i bought batteries so plan to do, i dunno, something involving sweating. i also have a ton of cooking to do. im making a garlic kale tamale tart. it looks good and the base is gf without changing anything, and it looks like a quiche so im rather excited. i miss quiche. though its not the healthiest of meals, i will make up for it with the wii.
i have been very good and used the stairs a lot. all the way up to the 8th floor in Columbia hospital 137 steps, then down then another 200ish in other hospitals. and once when i got in a lift and pressed 4, it occurred to me what i was doing so dashed out of it and took the stairs. i also did some lunges today while waiting for a patient. im hoping that the little things really do add up. but yes, i will also do the big things.
this week i aim to do 4 days of sweating, this is day one

Thursday, January 7, 2010

boxing champion

day one had a few bumps in the road.  first, my batteries were dead for the wii remote, so i have to steal from the cat lazer toy. then i find they were also dead in the wii fit.  i could steal them from all the remotes, but i decided it can wait.  instead i did some wii boxing. winner!!!  i hurt today.  yay for pain!  its the only pain i like and desire.  and its not that i like it, just what it means.  i was hoping to feel more in my abs from all the ducking and weaving. but not today, today its just my arms really.  i like it when i drive around a corner and can feel all my abs and side muscles ache, thats a good day.
i almost forgot my ny's resolution today.  the one about always always taking the stairs.  as i approached the lift in st lukes hospital i remember, spin around and start the climb to the tenth floor. (okay i can't lie, i started on the 2nd floor but they are big floors) i am ashamed how slow i got as i hit the 8th and 9th floors.  but i felt pretty good after for doing it.  down was of course, easy.
i have dinner cooking, some beef stew. not too unhealthy.  and in the mean time, i hope i can squeeze in some ab work, maybe some lunges.  today was a 155.5lb day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i spent the day researching our snowboarding trip (yeah, work was super slow).  hubby says he wants to board for only 2 days but i think i have to do 3 or its not worth the whole expensive trip.  but i have to be fitter to get 3 days worth.  i don't want to spend the $80 on that days pass and not really get good use out of it.

also today, i got on the scale to a nice little 155.5lbs.  that made me feel better, until i was checking out the back of my hair and noticed that i have significant back fat.  it wasn't cos i was twisted, just coz i'm currently a tad fat.  i don't have an unrealistic view of my body. i know exactly how fat and thin i am. i feel good in most clothes but like crap naked.  this doesn't help me exercise to loose weight, as i'm mostly in clothes and not feeling that bad about how i look. and at 5'7" 155lbs isn't really bad. but i could easily loose 15lbs and still be healthy.

so i'm gonna get my wii fit out tonight and do some snowboarding on there. i think i have it, if not skiing i think.  and the hula hoop game is rather addictive and exactly what i need to train my abs for boarding. so this is day one of snowboard training.
good lord, its already 4 days in to the year and one more day passed where i failed to exercise.  i have been feeling blah all day, then a bit chipper, then blahhh.  i would like to point out that its about 7.30pm. but before sitting at my computer to surf, which just because it sounds like exercise, is probably more fattening for you than chocolate cake, that i could easily have had time to workout b4 dinner.  if i were so inclined. blahhh. i got on the scale this morning and saw a bitch of a number. my really not that indulgent festive season hit me hard. that or something just tipped the scale (no pun intended).  yesterday when i weighed in i thought it was just because i did it in the afternoon and not entirely naked. but no, today i was entirely naked. just me and the micro inch of growth of hair. i did it twice to make sure. 159.5 lbs  :(
tomorrow is a new day and a better attitude.

Friday, January 1, 2010

i must i must improve my bust.

i don't think i've made goals or resolutions for years. but as you can see i already have 7 goals. i am going to add a resolution to these and say that this will be the first year that i give myself 12 full self breast exams. i know i should. i just forget. i'm adding it to my calendar and hope that helps. i will blog it, every month i find my boobs to be as healthy as the last. i did my first one yesterday, i will count this as number one.

still no plan. but tomorrow may just bring on the yoga. a friend gave me p90x yoga dvd. he says it kicks ass.