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Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday, lazy sunday.

saturdays run was a little tougher than i had hoped, i did have to walk a couple of times.  there was snow on the ground and for certain portions i ran on the edges of the path on the leaves and frozen ground, which though not nice on the ankles due to uneven ground, i didn't slip at any point.  my calves got tired quickly, which i assume is from the lack of rest day, as friday is also a running day.  but i did tack on a 1/4 mile extra to push myself.  my schedule said to do a 1 mile jog but as i said before i feel i under estimated myself so i ended up doing a 2.29m jog, and glad i did.  in all honesty, the energy spent getting all my cold gear clothes on, those skinny fitting tights and compression tops, balaclava, gloves, gilet and ipod, is so much effort, that a ten minute jog isn't worth it. there is no way im coming back sooner than 30 minutes after that mammoth donning task!!  so i plan to change my schedule and increase by 5minutes or .5mile every saturday, continuing to work on my speed and strength through out the week. 
my mother-in-law spends her time between west palm beach and milwaukee, and while here, she rents a place with a pool. a nice big pool. a pool where you actually have to swim to the other end not just push off and glide like a penguin, though i'm as graceful in water as they are out of water.  so i plan to use that on sundays for my cross training. and maybe even after work sometime.
today i have been truly lazy.  i have spent most of the day in front of the pc reading running related blogs.  i have made a quiche which i am testing if you can steam.  its a long story, but i will let you know. adventures of gf crust making.

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