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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10.09 mile

so yeah, that's right i ran 2.15 miles in 21.51 minutes.  i'm not saying it's fast, but its a good start.  it's the first time i have properly timed myself, and it was a good night to do it.  i decided that i would run as fast as i could with out stopping, the whole way.  i paced myself well as i felt like i was going the same speed all the way, with a little slowing on the incline and vice versa.  i couldn't have held a conversation and it was a bit tough at the end, but i could have gone further, i think, if needed.   and i can tell you something, i didn't run that fast (10min/mile) a few sessions ago, like i thought i had. 

since starting this endeavor there has not been one day where i haven't looked forward to my run.  this  information astounds me.  i can't tell you how different it feels when i'm tugging my tights on, maneuvering myself in  to cold compression tops and lacing up my (professionally fit) shoes.  i'm high spirited, i smile when i see my shoes (i'm a shoe person, they are still new, they are comfy, i have matching tops -- need i say more?).   its 18 deg f outside and i'm excited to get out there!  i think my rest days are harder on me than my run days.  i long to be pounding the pavements,as they say.  i 'm eager to be out there longer.   as today was a speed day wednesday is gonna be endurance, and as much as i will try and not over do it, i think i could tackle a 35 minute jog.  and tomorrow i'm planning some core and arm work.

oh and please note - spartacus - blood and sand, is not worth watching, i just sat through the second episode, and no, just don't. thumbs down.  though this may change your mind, if you had in fact persuaded you, jeff said it could be called 'fucking and fighting' and it wouldn't be wrong.

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