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Saturday, February 6, 2010

oddly, my last day at work.

on wednesday i did 3.2 miles at a 10.50 min/mile.  its funny, i rounded it up in my head to 11 minutes then scalded myself for adding on the last ten seconds. ten seconds is a long time.

so lets see: i took a new route, it was full of snow as i forgot or rather, its never occurred to me before, that the public path down by the beach wouldn't be shovelled.  so i ran through snow and i'd liken it to running in sand; way more tiring on the calves.  there were also plenty of ice patches and un-shovelled side walks.  i ran on the road for some of it.   over all i really enjoyed the run. it was good to run a new route.  i had been doing the same circle since i had started and i had no idea that i was so bored of it.

down by the beach (if 100 yards of sand on the lake side can be classed as a beach). it was cold: 15f / -9c. and it been that way for a while, so the lake in the breakwater is mostly frozen, it was so pretty, i must go down and take some photos.

OH and you know what?  i can go down to the lake and take photos all day, every day! For you see, the government stopped me from legally working, and today was my last day.  i was told this yesterday.  i'm not sure i've totally absorbed it yet.  no work on monday.  no work on tuesday and no work on the rest, oh my its been a while. actually its been 2146 days. aren't visa stamps convenient for preciseness?

so now i'm off until jeff can leaves work. yay!great!  i can go snowboarding, cha-ching!  go running in different, unusual places and in the day time, w00t w00t! go cycling (i still haven't the nerve to hit the roads in the dark for some reason, and i have a great light too *shrug*) toot toot!   all this mixed in with a healthy batch of minor repairs, sanding and painting, seeing friends, packing and taking inventory, trashing, visa applying, travel reading, flight booking and with all that probably drinking a crate of redbridge and a bottle of single malt. maybe.. per..week?...!

i have 6 weeks before i need to leave.  today i didn't run, i came home and had a glass of wine, then a glass of whisky. oh well, the first and last slip fro mteh schedule.  going forward im gonna do more crossraining on rest days in so i'll be upping it all in the next month.  that will make up for tonight.  ahh the tv is calling my name.

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