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Friday, February 26, 2010

Road ID and Hill Workout.

Road ID
Recently I have been seeing everyone talk about Road ID which i personally think are a necessity. Last year for my friends birthday in June i bought her one.  I also bought myself and my mum one. I didnt go the expensive official Road ID way, i am always in the look out for a cheaper way of doing things, and i really didn't like the idea of having to put on a wrist band every time i want to run. Well i wasn't running then, but cyclists need them too But anyways...

These little beauties only cost me $4 a piece. You can have more lines of info, i just didn't have much else to put on it. You can choose colour, shape etc. They are actually made for pet tags, and yes, as you can see they can get scratched, i'm not sure how that happened, but i assume my bike. So i'm sure they would hold up just fine for runners. I don't feel it on my shoe. Its just perfect. Though next time, i will get the 1.5" instead of the 2" as it sure would have fit every thing on just fine.

I put Name, Hubbys cell phone, parents home phone, Blood type, My celiac disease status and insurance company.

Here is where i got mine from, but i'm sure you could get it done any where they do pet tags.

Yesterday was my first dedicated hill workout.  I warmed up for 1/2 mile till i found a hill, then ran up it at almost full speed. It was a 30 second run, arms flying, quick leg turnover.  And then a gentle 1.20 jogging descend.  The hill wasn't that steep and was a block in length.  I think i did it about 17 times, i lost count so just divided the time/loop in to the 30 mins i did it for.  Again, its my lungs that prevent me from going faster and longer.  My legs hurt just going from sitting to standing after Wednesdays strength training, and every step once i was running was sore on my adductor's.  But once i started the hill session, it got better, or rather i was concentrating on other things so it went away in my mind.  Yet at the end it wasn't my legs that were feeling it, but my lungs.   
So i am actually looking forward to my next hill session.  I am going to find a steeper hill though, see if i can get my legs to hurt. - Is that the idea?

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